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Total Life Changes Envidia | Stem Cell Rejuvenation | Skin Regenerations

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Total Life Changes introduces Envidia. It is a stem cell rejuvenation that promotes skin regeneration. Total Life Changes is the ONLY company to offer this product. TLC’s newest skin care serum Envidia is sure to create envy in the industry, while helping thousands and thousands of families improve their skin conditions. From wrinkles to fine lines, to age and sun spots, Envidia is expected to repair damaged skin by way of growth factor technology. To Order: Call or Text (724)912-5520 Email: CandaceByrdDavis@gmail.com To Partner: www.JoinCandaceByrdDavis.com ((Partnering allows you to get ALL products at wholesale)) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Make Money Online | Copy Paste Paid | Total Life Changes | Candace Byrd Davis" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfCr8BfKNeE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Ang Jo (1 год назад)
Later for Candace skin. Her cheekbones are to die for! Lol. I wish I could pay for cheekbones that perfect! Anyways, I hope the envidia is still working. Can't wait to get mine!
Candace Byrd Davis (1 год назад)
Ang Jo 😍😍😍💋💋💋💋
LadyTruth (1 год назад)
Yes, yes, yes! I love this product! I get mine from Health Veyebrations: www.TotalLifeChanges.com/HealthVeyebrations (#9107871)
Candace Byrd Davis (1 год назад)
LadyTruth I share a lot of value and I would hate for you to miss something because of your unethical marketing
Candace Byrd Davis (1 год назад)
LadyTruth don't post ur links on my video as I will delete it or even block you! Do your own testimonies and post your own link on your videos
Tanisha Adjo (2 года назад)
Karen Rae Doll (2 года назад)
Hi Candace was wondering if you had your next video up on the Envidia? Maybe I just can't find it. If you can, please let me know when it is out? Thank You Kindly!
Karen Rae Doll (2 года назад)
+Candace Byrd Davis okay. I'll check it out. Thank you Candace!
Candace Byrd Davis (2 года назад)
Karen... I have pics. I didn't do the video. Do you follow me on Faceboo? They are on there
Karen Rae Doll (2 года назад)
Hello Candace! Was wondering how dors your skin look now?
Candace Byrd Davis (2 года назад)
+Karen Doll I will be posting an update this week. Stay tuned
Shamette Williams (2 года назад)
I am looking forward to seeing the results!! #ENVIDIA
Candace Byrd Davis (2 года назад)
+Shamette Williams COming Soon!
Apostle Glenda- Ann Jiles (2 года назад)
I love Envidia! I'm on day 7 and ..I'm wowed
Candace Byrd Davis (2 года назад)
+Apostle Glenda- Ann Jiles Can't wait to see your results
heyitsindi (2 года назад)
Candace, thank you so much for your transparency. I also suffered from acne during my high school years in addition to that over the years from lack of knowledge I did not use sunscreen. That resulted in crazy pigmentation problems. My face has been a major factor in personal insecurity. I have been using the Emu Oil for about a month and it has cleared my face significantly. But as a result of the amazing results, now I'm focusing on the scars :( . I have also considered extreme procedure but the coast has kept me from doing it. I am not going to wait to see your results to get mine Envidia. But I am also looking forward to seeing your results just because as women we do not tend to celebrate each other. That being said, I cannot wait to celebrate your results. By the way, I am a new rep with TLC. The Emu oil is what brought me in but i have been using some of the other amazing products. My name is Estela Rayas. You have inspired me to want to work the business. I just wanted to do enough to have my product use pay for itself. My upline, Jennifer Yarbough from team Ordained to Win shared one of your training links and now I am trying to figure out how to make this business work for me. Again, thank you for your transparency. Jennifer is also very transparent which is the other thing that has kept me with TLC.
Emmanuel Soluade (2 года назад)
Appreciate you, so much for doing this video and being so transparent...when it's easy for others to judge from the outside and not understand that skin complications are very sensitive subject. Can't wait to share my results. #1000Families (Soluade Couture designs)
LATINNA JONES (2 года назад)
Just purchased mine I'll be starting mine next week. love love love your transparency. I believe I'll do a video or pictures also thank you for sharing
Its_Yoboy Myers (2 года назад)
Awesome review, can't wait to get this product. thank you you are the best...TLC we are 1000 families

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