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Top 10 Hair Loss Mistakes
Going over the worst mistakes people commonly make when fighting hair loss.
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Minoxidil for hair loss, liquid VS foam.
What is the best way to apply minoxidil to the scalp?
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Combating hair loss while on steroids.
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Rounded back deadlifts are OK.
Why rounded back deadlifts get a bad rep.
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Viagra VS Cialis VS Levitra.  Using ED drugs with finasteride. (propecia)
Sharing my experience with these drugs. Note: People have been criticizing the way my hair looks here so I felt I would clarify the reason why it looks the way it does is because its wet since I had just showered moments before and my hair was slicked back.
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Creatine does not cause hair loss.
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Nizoral for hair loss, does it work?
My experiences with nizoral and how useful it is for hair loss.
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CB-03-01 for hair loss, does it work?
My experiences with CB-03-01.
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Creating the ultimate treatment for hair loss.
I discuss how to easily apply ru58841 and how you can maximize absorption.
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425 lb Trap bar deadlift for 8 reps. (194 kilos)
I find the trap bar deadlift isn't as taxing to the spinal erectors compared to the barbell deadlift so it is a bit easier to incorporate into a high frequency squat program, roughly 3 squat sessions per week.
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210 lb (93 kilogram) strict overhead press.
One of my favourite lifts.
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Using dutasteride and ketoconazole for hair loss.
Here I discuss the benefits of using dutasteride and ketoconazole for treating hair loss.
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High bar squats VS low bar squats.
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Why I don't use SARMS.
My brief opinion on SARMS.
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A vegan breakfast
First of a series on healthy, simple vegan meals.
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Shock hair loss post transplant and update on my hair loss drugs.
I explain the state of my hair following a transplant and my current routine.
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340 lb bench press
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345 lb (157 kilograms) safety squat bar squat for 1 rep.
Can't lift as much with the safety squat bar but I do feel I get more core work out of it so I like it. Easy on the shoulders too.
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285 lb Zercher Squat for 3 reps with an axle.
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315 lb flat bench press (144 KG) for 3 pause reps.
Making gains on my bench press after dealing with biceps tendonitis for a good while.
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Thoughts on Donald Trump's victory from a conservative Democrat.
Giving my two cents on what happened this election.
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350 lb/159 kilos safety squat bar squat (Hatfield Bar)
Bicep tendonitis has been acting up so I have been squatting with the Hatfield bar again. Making some gains though so it's all good.
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Hair transplant; FUE vs FUT
Hair transplant, finasteride, ru 58841, ru58841, stemoxydine, minoxidil, dutasteride, safety squat bar.
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330 lb bench press
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Alpecin for hair loss.  Does it work?
Just wanted to talk about this product I tried recently.
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Pin Press versus Overhead Press
Pin press as an alternative to overhead press. 185 lb pin press.
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310 lb safety squat bar squat for 3 pause reps.
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195 lb strict overhead press
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Going bald?  Get on Finastride asap!
Here I talk about hair loss, proper treatments for it, and misconceptions about Finastride.
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The AVGN movie was dogshit.
This movie sucks and we should not be afraid to say so.
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415 lb (189 kilos) trap bar deadlift for 12 reps.  Cardio deadlifts.
Here I do cardiovascular training with the trap bar deadlift.
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260 lb football bar bench press, 4 reps.
Here I demonstrate the football bar bench press and explain some of the differences between it and the standard barbell bench press.
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Specialty Bars: Safety Squat Bar
The Safety Squat Bar is one of the best tools in any lifter's quest to be stronger yet is criminally overlooked by many among the athletic and general populations. Here I give an overview of why I like this specialty bar so much and a few pointers in proper usage.
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Omarisuf is wrong about hip thrusters.
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295 lb bench press for 3 reps.
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Back squat 320 lbs 5 pause reps
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305 lb Bench Press, 3 Pause Reps
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Trap bar deadlifts with chains, 445 lbs for 3 reps.
Doing some trap bar deadlifts to build up grip strength.
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100 pound weighted pull-ups
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405 lb trap bar deadlift, 10 reps, raw.
Deadlift is not an exercise I train frequently due to it being difficult to recover from. I decided to do a high volume deadlift day with a trap bar as a test of endurance and also to see how much the reduced frequency has hurt my strength and muscular endurance.
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330 lb high bar back squat 3 pause reps
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185 lb strict overhead press for 2 reps
Overhead press
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340 lb pause back squats x 2
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365 lb squat with a cambered bar, saiyan style.
Training to go super saiyan
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320 lb pause back squat X 3 reps
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90 lb dip belt pull ups for 3 reps.
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382 lb farmer carry with 20 lb chain.
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