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Living In The Same Old House
How To Save Your Marriage, click here: https://goo.gl/2IffZc How do you emotionally accept moving into a house where your partner lived with their ex?
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Romantic Date Ideas in New Orleans for Under $20
Susan Featured on WWLTV CBS: 5 Magic Dates In New Orleans Under $20 According to the National Marriage Project, "Partners who engage in ‘couple time’ at least once a week are 3.5 times more likely to report being "very happy" in their marriages.” Couples without regular date time have a 30% higher risk of divorce. According to Susan Bratton, The Marriage Magician, “Integrating these 5 Pillars of Passion into your dates are the biggest bang for your buck.”
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How To Be Irresistible To Women
Learn more about how to be irresistible to women by improving your masculine energy: https://goo.gl/ao1J7N
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Do Penis Pumps Make Your Penis Bigger
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D: https://goo.gl/zpQi6a The New Alpha Rock Hard Formula: https://trustyclick.com/sbrockhard Unleash The Beast: https://trustyclick.com/unleash Huge Load Super Pack: https://goo.gl/ePvfmJ The Blowjob Secret: https://goo.gl/fKpTku Bio hormone replacement therapy videos: https://goo.gl/A28Rtb Dr. Joel Kaplan's penis pumps: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanppump Dr. Joel Kaplan's Male Enhancement Products: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanhome Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump Click Here: https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Erectile-Dysfunction-Enlargement-Masturbator/dp/B00WLM031Q/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=perlifmed-20&linkId=bb1be5edef85c43d3010ed297bffc490 Dr. Glenn Wilcox, Wise Medicine http://drglennwilcox.com (505)771-4998 Telemedicine Appointments Available Penis pumps can be used to gain and erection as well as to increase penile volume (girth and length). In this video, Dr. Glenn and I discuss the different kind of penis pumps to help you choose the pump that’s best for you (or for your partner). Success is in the details. Penis pumping is a PROVEN method for increased girth and length. A guy can get as much as an extra inch of manhood to play with by using a penis pump. Watch this video and find out all you need to know to select the perfect-sized pump. Here are just a few of the details you’ll learn in this video to ensure your success: * Why you might want a BIGGER TUBE. * Two ways to develop the vacuum seal. * Hand pump basics: which material to buy, plastic or metal? * How to get the negative pressure “just right.” * The benefits of an AC-powered pump. Watch me and Dr. Glenn demonstrate the sucking action of the penis pump. Knowing how to use a pump properly is mission-critical. Avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE guys make! There’s tons of bedroom fun in store when you get the right pump for you and use it correctly. #DoPenisPumpsWork #PenisPump #GrowYourPenis
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Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction
I'm giving you something called my breast massage master plan, know how to touch boobies right. Click here: https://goo.gl/Z7shuV Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT http://biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797
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How To Avoid Divorce And Save Your Marriage
Get Relationship Magic Here: http://personallifemedia.com/2014/05/relationship-magic/ Susan Bratton and Stefanie Jay of KVVU Fox 5 Las Vegas discuss how Relationship Magic can help with the Las Vegas divorce epidemic. May 28, 2014
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Fun Date Ideas In Las Vegas
Watch Susan Bratton sharing her Fun Date Ideas In Las Vegas.
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How To Measure Your Penis Size
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D: https://goo.gl/FwpQ48 The New Alpha Rock Hard Formula: https://trustyclick.com/sbrockhard Unleash The Beast: https://trustyclick.com/unleash Huge Load Super Pack: https://goo.gl/ePvfmJ The Blowjob Secret: https://goo.gl/fKpTku Bio hormone replacement therapy videos: https://goo.gl/A28Rtb Dr. Joel Kaplan's penis pumps: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanppump Dr. Joel Kaplan's Male Enhancement Products: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanhome Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump Click Here: https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Erectile-Dysfunction-Enlargement-Masturbator/dp/B00WLM031Q/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=perlifmed-20&linkId=bb1be5edef85c43d3010ed297bffc490 In this video I’ll talk about having a bigger penis, how to measure penis size and average penile length. Plus I’ll tell you women’s attitudes about men’s average penis size. According to a long-term attitudinal research study by “Unleash The Beast” creator and my friend, Alex Allman (link below) 75% of men feel their penises are average to above average. Yet they still want a bigger penis. Only 25% feel below average and they want to have a bigger penis too. Don’t miss my video ranking of the Five Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger. I discuss what works, what might work and what doesn’t work including my “Blow and Grow” Blow Job Penis Growth and Repair Technique. And on the topic of bigger penises, though 65% of women think size is important, it ranks #15 on a list of 15 attributes including great hair. Women want passionate lovers, who are sexually confident, emotionally open with a great smile who knows what he wants and is tender and sweet. The masculine or sex-skilled attributes are further down the list for women. Women dislike men they feel are “overcompensating” for a small penis by trying too hard to please them. They prefer for men to get pleasure from being with them. Not trying to DO them. Just enjoying being WITH them. That being said, 20% of women have broken up with a guy because he was either too small OR TOO BIG for them. There are a lot of 40 year old virgins out there afraid to disappoint a woman, so they won’t even put themselves into the dating pool. I find this hearbreaking because even though according to the research, under 4” is too small for most women. A solid 10% say ***penis size just doesn’t matter.*** Women have a lot of body shame issues too. And they are worried a guy won’t want them. So if you’re a guy with a smaller penis who is afraid to date and have sex, get yourself out there and learn to be a great lover using every tool available to you. Your own tools which include your mouth and tongue and your most articulate members… your hands and fingers, gentle domination sex positions (watch my video on Missionary Dominant Sex Position which is a lady pleaser!), and even sex toys like this penis sleeve extender with a vibrator. One of my favorite customers lost all his erectile function in a botched kidney surgery. He is dating this exotic belly dancer because he’s an awesome guy with a hot box of sex toys and a great attitude! Don’t hold yourself back from the pleasure and connection you can give to a lady who appreciates you. Find the one in ten who just doesn’t care what size you are. Those are GOOD ODDS! Average is all you need to make nearly every woman happy. Six inches is the “perfect size just for me” across a wide variety of women. Makes sense. 5.88” is average when calculated across many cultures. Penis size is measured from your belly to the tip along the top. To women, hardness wins over size at 95%. Lasting longer wins over size at 90%. A hard, healthy penis is a bigger penis, no matter what the size. And I have a great gift for you for watching my video. A VERY POPULAR free ebook called, Get Hard Instantly On Command. Inside are three instant get hard techniques for those moments when you’re flagging, as well as lots of information on penis pumps, the benefits of nitric oxide and more solid sex advice to make you feel confident and ready to give any woman incredible pleasure. All the links are in the show notes below. And please give my video a thumbs up to let YouTube know my content is valuable. I respond to all polite questions and comments. Feel free to join the conversation below. Don’t miss my other videos: 5 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger, My Blow and Grow Penis Growth Technique and How To Use A Penis Pump. And get a copy of my ebook, Get Hard Instantly On Command free. The link is in the notes below. Inside I give you more penis pump info, details on natural Testosterone production and three “Get Hard” strategies. I’ll see you, on the other side! Note: Penis data from Alex Allman’s Unleash The Beast research. See more details by clicking here: https://trustyclick.com/unleash #PenisSize #MeasureYourPenis #DoesSizeMatter
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How To Give A Woman A Compliment (2 Compliments Women Crave Most)
How can a man stay attractive to today's modern woman? Discover what compliments women need to hear. Then learn how to bring your masculine energy to your relationship when you also download this free MP3 audio on POLARITY ➤ https://goo.gl/xdjHM3 Now matter how powerful she is at work or in life, eliciting her femininity will restore the masculine/feminine balance. It's that polarity or the magnetism of the opposites that increases a woman's desire for you. Even if we have equal rights, wage rates and education, there is a primal need for us women to feel polarity in the bedroom. ✔︎ Want to know how to make even the most powerful women melt for you? ✔︎ Want to know how to get your warrior woman to slow down and crawl into your arms? This toggling, or stair stepping technique described in this video will make her feel especially feminine. If you do one but not the other, it won't work -- you need the combination to bring up your woman’s femininity. It's the combination of these two kinds of compliments that is powerful. Want to be more masculine to evoke her feminine goddess to come out and play? Then also click and grab the POLARITY MP3 I made for you to take your masculine sexual leadership to a whole new level of attractiveness to today's modern woman. ➤ https://goo.gl/roJOuZ Meow, Suz P.S. Take a minute to "thumbs up" my video or post a comment. I ♥️ You. "Susan, Our youngest child was coming home for a quick visit last night so my wife was staying up late to greet her. As I kissed her good night I told her that I adored her (which I truly do and have told her that in the past a number of times) and that I desired her. When she came to bed about 1am I was awake so I started holding her breasts then moved to holding her pussy. When I started to finger her she told me that she didn't want that but she wanted me to come visit if I wanted to! And we had just had sex the night before. So of course.............. I have often told her both things before but never together. I really appreciate all the helpful advice you give us. I will be purchasing your Steamy Sex Ed Videos http://personallifemedia.com/earlyaccess-eg/ when they come out in a few days (Iam on the Early Bird VIP list.) I figured that if my wife does not like it, I can send it back with your 60-day money-back guarantee. I will start with the first one — Sensual Massage — and work up to the oral and sex positions videos like you suggested. Thanks again for your help. Randall Thanks! Suz"
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What Is Sexual Presence?
Click here to discover more techniques to pleasure your woman in bed: https://goo.gl/4DU8CD Demystifying what it means to be "present" during sex. A woman wants a man's presence most of all.
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How To Ravish Her With Masculine Dominance In the Bedroom
Learn how to make your oral pleasure more hotter, visit this link: https://goo.gl/g2jb5r At 6:30 on this video I tell you a story of a sex date where a husband ravishes his wife using my step-by-step directions. This is pure gold sex advice. Watch it.
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How To Start Dating Again In Your 50s
Use this link to get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you: https://goo.gl/HnafQP In this video series I teach you how and where to find love if you’re middle aged or older. (Though the advice works for anyone of any age!) If you’re in a relationship, consider forwarding this to a single friend who you know would be a great partner. When you watch this video you will discover: - How to help someone find you who thinks you are perfect just as you are. - What women are looking for in men and how to showcase your best aspects so you find the hot one who adores you. - What men prefer and how to put that right up front so you find the guy that gets your panties in a jiggle. FIND L♥VE NOW!
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Healing Vaginal Pain With CO2 Laser Rejuvenation Procedure
Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you've had, read my article here: https://goo.gl/XUpqMR
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How To Have The Ideal Relationship With Your Partner
Get Relationship Magic Here: http://personallifemedia.com/2014/05/relationship-magic/ Susan Bratton discusses Relationship Magic on The Morning Blend. As the marriage magician she describes her magic formula to have the great relationship that you really want.
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5 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger
Grab the free gift I have for you: Get Hard Instantly On Command: https://goo.gl/nYqehJ A free ebook with three techniques for those times when your manhood gets bendy. The New Alpha Rock Hard Formula: https://trustyclick.com/sbrockhard Unleash The Beast: https://trustyclick.com/unleash Huge Load Super Pack: https://goo.gl/ePvfmJ The Blowjob Secret: https://goo.gl/fKpTku Bio hormone replacement therapy videos: https://goo.gl/A28Rtb Dr. Joel Kaplan's penis pumps: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanppump Dr. Joel Kaplan's Male Enhancement Products: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanhome Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump Click Here: https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Erectile-Dysfunction-Enlargement-Masturbator/dp/B00WLM031Q/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=perlifmed-20&linkId=bb1be5edef85c43d3010ed297bffc490 In this video I cover the three most common ways men try to make their penis. And I recommend two BETTER ways that nobody talks about that I’ve personally used to make my partner’s penises bigger in both length and girth. Let’s start by understanding that what you look down and see is just the tip of the iceberg. A large part of your penis is actually inside your body. I call this your buried shaft. And if you want to make your penis bigger, you must incorporate the buried shaft into your growth planning. Look at this anatomy picture. Do you see how your penis is not just the part outside your body? Your penis goes pretty deep inside your abdomen. One of the secrets you’ll discover in this How To Make Your Penis Bigger video that when you stimulate the whole penis, and not just the glans at the end, you’ll increase the girth and length with better results. Watch my other video called, Average Penis Size for even more female attitudes on penis size. But know this, according to my fellow sexpert Alex Allman, creator of Unleash the Beast which I’ve linked to in the notes below this video, only 5% of women think penis size is a critical factor. And even though 20% of women have broken up with a guy because of penis size, half of them broke up with the guy not because he was too small, but because he was too big! Still, 75% of you guys would like to figure out how to make How To Make Your Penis Bigger, even if you are already on the large size. Watch my Average Penis Size Video where I tell you important insights into what women really care about. Now, let’s grow your penis. Because it IS possible. But there are things that work and things that in our research have ZERO effect on growth. There are things you can do solo and even more fun ways to increase your penis length and size that you can do with a partner as you learn how To Make Your Penis Bigger. I’m going to give you my educated advice about the five ways to make your penis bigger. Which ones do I recommend? Which are a waste of time? 1. Jelquing, 2. Penis Enlargement Pills, 3. Penis Pumps or Penis Vaccums, 4. Intercourse and 5. Oral Sex. I’ll share an oral sex technique that you are going to love! (And how to get your woman to LOVE to do this to you.) What you want is stimulate all of your penis, even what is up inside. And yes, you can stimulate your buried shaft from the outside. And your lover can do an even better job with her hands and mouth to grow your penis. I’ll tell you exactly what to do in just a minute. So there you are: How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Ways Ranked in Order of How Well They Work: - Best is Blow Jobs with the Suckling Motion - Second is A Foundation of Nutrition and Exercise - Third is the Penis Pump which I have two more videos with more detail for you. - Fourth is Jelquing, a simple stroke to add into your masturbation practice. - Five you can skip, which is penis enlargement pills and instead drink a morning smoothie with superfoods for erectile function and check your testosterone levels. All the links are in the show notes below. Before the next video, please take time to give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel http://www.youtube.com/c/BetterLover?sub_confirmation=1 And I’ll see you on the other side! Note: Penis data from Alex Allman’s Unleash The Beast research. See more details by clicking here: https://trustyclick.com/unleash #biggerpenis #makeyourpenisbigger
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Sex Techniques For Giving Women Orgasms From Intercourse
Learn about the 4 FREE Oral Pleasuring Techniques, visit this link: https://goo.gl/fE7CnX Hello. I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions and you are watching part two of a three-part series of giving women orgasms. In video one I spoke about the importance of creating an environment for pleasure. Go back and watch that one if you haven’t yet. Now let’s move into variety, the second of the three ways to make her come more easily, more reliably and more intensely… including when you’re inside her.. And if you’re a woman, you will gain a lot of value from hearing what I tell me. So stay with me. There are a lot of really good sexual techniques that I encourage you to learn. For example, I teach over 200 oral pleasuring, sex positions, sensual massage, erotic massage, and intercourse techniques in one of my video collections called Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.. It's great to memorize in your bones as many stimulation strategies as possible. And over your lifetime, keep adding to your sexual repertoire. I have a link to the Steamy Sex Ed info below me. If you’re the typical guy, you maybe have about 10 or 20 go-to techniques that you use. But once you start knowing and practicing 30, 40, 50 moves… Then you're able to flow through a sequence of stimulations that take her higher and higher in ways you cannot yet imagine.. Using a variety of stimulating techniques helps her body get into an orgasmic trance state. Once you start her coming, you can keep her coming again and again when she’s surrendered to her pleasure. A variety of techniques allow her to know that you're going to be able to keep stimulating her in lots of ways so that she can get more and more turned on. She can relax if she knows you know what to do to keep her arousal escalating. If you’ve ever had a lull in the bedroom where she’s not just resting and recovering from having a bunch of orgasms… If you’ve seen her sexual energy drop… If you can tell she’s straining to orgasm, or she’s seemingly given up on trying… You don’t yet know enough stimulation techniques. That’s OK. You’re here learning right now. (Don’t learn from porn. Women don’t want to be treated like porn stars. It’s not real.) And hey, nobody teaches you this stuff… well.. Actually I DO. :) So I’m glad you found me. Learning sex techniques is important. You have to have good oral skills. You have to have good manual skills. You have to know how to use that penis of yours. Not just pumping in and out like you see on porn. They don't make porn to teach you how to make love to a woman. Porn is created for you to ejaculate and have your climax. What you want to learn is heart-connected, conscious lovemaking techniques for women. Generally women need more emotional sex. They want romantic sex. Unrushed, languid, sensual sex. A big part of creating erotic sexual experiences stems from the strength of your personal presence. Presence is key. Being mindful of what’s going on. Paying attention. Techniques are great but if you're just literally in bed with a woman DOING her she's going to be feeling like you're just trying to get her off without connecting with her heart. Women need an emotional connection. They need you to be present with them. What I’m suggesting is you learn lots of techniques and then forget about them. Let them become natural things that you just know. Techniques are part of the background of your lovemaking, not where you’re putting your attention. Your attention goes on HER. You’re together with her in that interplay of lovemaking. You're right there. You're talking to her. You're kissing her. You're feeling her. She's feeling you. It's an interplay of the two of you in a passionate, back and forth in real time. That actually gets her feeling like you're not just doing her like a piece of meat. Instead she feels you're loving being with her and that you're getting off on her in the way that she's getting off on you. That's that passionate, romantic, emotional lovemaking connection that really gets women to open up. Throughout it, you're holding what I call meta-frame, the big picture of what the date is going to be like. What you want to do during a lovemaking session, once the context is set, is start from the outside in. I call this my Bullseye Touch Technique. Think about an archery target. All your life you’ve been trained to shoot for the center. You’re supposed to hit the middle. All too often, guys go right for her nipples and right for her genitals. Hey, you want her to almost immediately grab your penis at the start of sex. I get it. But that's too fast for her. She is a fire. You need to build the kindling, you need to start the fire, you need to blow on it, you need to warm it up, you need to add little bits of tinder. Then you can start adding logs on. Link to the 3rd video: https://youtu.be/RL6xgBIrVic
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Sex Positions For Stamina (Part 1 of 2):  These Sex Positions Help You Last Longer in Bed
Learn More About The ME Breath: https://goo.gl/LrFTRa Learn how to last longer in bed using these 2 sex positions, the clip and the amazon positions.
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What Women Want In Bed
Click this link to know how to increase your masculine energy for Feminine Attraction: https://goo.gl/nPdDxy
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The Secret To Knowing When A Woman Will Enjoy Sex The Most (Her 5-Day Horny Window)
Learn how to awaken her sexually, click here: https://goo.gl/Ojk0P6 The 5-Day Horny Window is when we women are most sexually ravenous. So if you are a woman who wants to make sure you leverage your peak orgasmic potential… Or you’re a guy who wants to be ready during her prime time for heightened desire.. The five days when she’s ovulating are the sweet spot. Watch this video with John Gray, best-selling author of Men Are From Mars Women are From Venus and I (Susan Bratton) with even more detail about what he calls The Golden Moment 5-Day Window. OPTIMAL SEXUAL PEAK TIME All women’s desire runs in cycles, even after menopause. So here’s how you figure out a woman’s 5-Day Horny Window. Count 9 days after the start of her period. Those next five days are her most lusty. If she doesn’t have a period anymore or you’re not sure WHEN she has her period, use the Fertile Full Moon as your guide. TARGET THE MOON Target the five days around the full moon to have a sexy date with her. Make a date with her in advance of the day in this five day window you are targeting. For example, if her five day window starts on a Monday, plan the date for Friday. Let’s say her period starts on the 1st of the month and lasts about 5 days. Day six, seven and eight are good days to make a date with her. Then day nine is the beginning of her horny window and it lasts through day 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. Tease her with anticipation instead of just springing a date on her. That way she will have time to get turned on and excited, primp a little and “be ready” for your surprise. Even scheduling a couple of dates in that window stimulates her hormones further while giving her time to get fully turned on and experience incredible pleasure. Remember, when a woman is ovulating -- that’s her horny window -- typically around the fertile full moon, she’s most open to her sexual pleasure. In this video John Gray has even more detail about what’s going on hormonally with woman through her cycle. When to back off. When to support her. When she’s most vulnerable and needs you the most. Tune To Her Moon, Suz ----------------------------- Susan S. Bratton “Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions 💋” CEO Personal Life Media
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How To Give Her Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse
Click here to get a free audio and free downloadable checklist called, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date: https://goo.gl/AaKfDO The top three ways to give women easy, reliable orgasms are context, variety, and engorgement. Make sure you watch all three videos. What context means is the environment for sex. While most men could, generally speaking, be happy to have sex almost anywhere… A woman needs things to be “right” in her environment so that she can relax and surrender to her pleasure for you. I'm going to circle back to context, but before I do, I'm also going to explain number two. That's variety.... Variety of stimulation techniques. Variety includes how you can provide her body with the kind of stimulation that it needs to be able to have orgasms, all kinds of orgasms from all parts of her body, nipplegasms, G-Sppot orgasms, clitoralgasms, analgasms, kissinggasms, blowjobgasms… and the holy grail… penetrationgasms. I'm going to tell you about what it takes to turn a woman on to the point where she can have MANY of ALL those kinds of orgasms with you each time you make love. We will also cover the notion of masculine sexual leadership. This is the idea that you're actually going to be taking over her nervous system. She's got to trust you well enough that you know what you're doing and you're going to be able to keep her turned on and getting hotter and hotter over time. So first is context, second is variety and the third piece is engorgement. Engorgement is actually the swelling up of her own vaginal tissue. You wouldn't want to have sex without a hard-on. So you have to teach a woman you’re with that she doesn't want to have sex without a hard-on either. When orgasms are elusive, it’s likely that she doesn’t feel safe and relaxed, she’s not getting the kind of stimulation she needs and she’s not fully engorged. Without those three things, she might be able to have an orgasm from a vibrator, but likely not from a penis. Having a variety of techniques helps you get her erectile tissue engorged. Then when you’re penetrating her, all that tissue feels so good. It makes her vagina, her labia and her mons pillowy and soft when it’s engorged. Remember: Context, Variety, and Engorgement. These are the three ways to make her easily have many kinds of orgasms, especially during penis-in-vagina sex. I'm going to drill down a little bit on this but first I want to tell you about something called The Orgasm Gap. This is a very real thing and it’s what’s preventing your woman from coming as much as she wants from intercourse. The gap represents how about 95% of the time or more a guy can have an orgasm from penetration. He can ejaculate easily from intercourse. So easily in fact that men’s #1 sexual issue is stamina -- many men feel they come too fast or even suffer from premature ejaculation. Penetration orgasms are most men’s favorite sexual experience. You love to get your penis inside that warm, wet, velvety vagina. That gets you off better than anything. For the typical woman, maybe half the time, if she tries really hard and all the conditions are right (that goes back to context and environment, the number one thing) she might be able to have an orgasm from intercourse, from penetration. The thing is that there's opportunity for you to give her penetration orgasms if you do the things leading up to intercourse that can help her have those orgasms. You can bridge that orgasm gap, the gap between how easy it is for you and how hard it is for her to have an orgasm from penetration. And if you do bridge the orgasm gap with these three ways to make her orgasm in more ways, with more intensity and more reliably -- context/variety/engorgement -- she's going to want to have a lot more sex with you. Because when you penetrate her she gets to have orgasms. Okay, let's dive into context. Context is her environment -- physical and emotional. As I said, for you, you'd pretty much be happy to have sex anywhere. Women do not. A lot has to be in place for women to feel comfortable enough to relax into their turn-on, let go, and let the orgasmic pleasure naturally arise within her. I’ll put a link to The Sexual Soulmate Pact below this video for you. It’s a gift from me. Patience is required to get a woman to bridge the orgasm gap. And so is variety… knowing a variety of techniques to stimulate a woman to many kinds of orgasm is key. Watch part two of three now about Sexual Technique Variety. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up. Subscribe to my Better Lover channel and get one video each Friday with new sex techniques. And if you’d like a checklist of my best ideas for setting up a sexy environment for passionate lovemaking, click here to get a free audio and free downloadable checklist called, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date: https://goo.gl/AaKfDO I’ll see you on the next video: https://youtu.be/4RaguVtn7FA
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Wife Doesn't Want To Make Love After Menopause
Learn how to get more sex more often even after her menopausal: https://goo.gl/wJTM3H His wife is using her menopause and his ED to get out of sex with him. Matt's prescriptions killed his ability to get an erection at the same time his wife went into menopause. He loves to give her pleasure, even if only with his mouth and hands but she says, No more sex. Watch what they can do to keep their sex life going. - 11-Minute Video of Solutions! WORK AROUNDS FOR ED & MENOPAUSE Your wife is using her menopause and your ED to get out of having sex with you anymore. Frankly, without your hard penis in the mix, it isn't worth it to her to even bother. Plus, menopause does not kill a woman's libido and here's why… Watch the video to get my step-by-step solution to reverse sexual aging issues. And here are the products I recommend on the video: Huge Load Super Pack - If you want to make morning smoothies to reverse ED. Man Tea Rock Hard Formula - Pre-mixed to put in smoothies or drink as tea. Avocado Oil - For reversing genital atrophy. Use this to massage her vulva and the root of his penis. Coconut Oil - Another great oil, less thick but still nice. She might like this better or less than the avocado oil. Try both. DHEA Cream - Julva is the cream made for her vulva to fix vaginal pain due to menopause. Steamy Sex Ed Massage Videos - Shows how to give penis and vulva massages. Just follow along. Suz's Basic Salad Dressing Recipe - Dress your daily greens with this healthy and delicious recipe. Get on this program and reverse your genital atrophy. Post questions below the video and I will respond. I love and appreciate you!
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Sexual Energy: How Do I Get More? Future of Sex 5 of 10
Watch The Tuning Fork Technique Video for more details on how your sexual energy can spill over into your lover’s desire: https://goo.gl/ibuiDZ Welcome back to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this video, the fifth in our series, you get to increase your sexual energy. With MORE sexual energy you can become a better lover… You can both give and get far more pleasure than you could possibly imagine now… Ready to tune in and feel the sexual energy that is always there and has always been there throughout your life? Let’s go find your sexual energy! When we're talking about increasing your sexual energy, we're talking about learning to leverage the types of energy you are already familiar with--for example: light, heat, sound vibrations, your breath--along with your intention, which is the most powerful way to increase sexual energy. Now, I understand that some people don't want more sexual energy, for example: an individual whose partner is very ill. Consider the plight of a 65-year-old married man whose wife has no interest in sex because she’s in chemo, but his morning erection never got the memo. The last thing he wants is to AMP UP his sexual energy, in fact he’s probably looking for ways to dampen his sexuality out of respect and compassion for his partner. And while I’m sensitive to his situation, I'm focused on AMPING up your sexual energy in this short video. My passion is helping people claim more sexual energy… feel the power becoming a Better Lover, Experiencing the pure joy of being great in bed, and having incredible, explosive, orgasmic pleasure, while connecting in rapture to another person. You know you want some of that so let’s talk about how you can increase your sexual energy. Believe it or not, your genitals are not the most important part of the equation. What is of primary importance is your intention to build the energy. That means you use your mind and your thoughts in a way that increases your passion. You can also increase your sexual energy by taking care of your body, feeling good in your body, appreciating all the marvelous things that your body can do. Daily movement and quality nutrition are vital for your sexual energy to thrum in your veins. Another powerful way to increase your sexual energy is by breathing deeply during sex, including masturbation. Men tend to clamp down to keep from having an orgasm too soon and women clamp down to try to squeeze out an orgasm. In both cases, OPENING is the key. So take deep breaths and allow yourself to get more and more turned on with each inhale and more relaxed and open on each exhale. And suddenly you’ll find that you orgasms start bubbling out of you. Sound is another powerful sexual energy enhancer. Moaning, growling, even screaming increase sexual energy. When you increase your sexual energy and start to feel more and more turned on, you can use breath and sound to direct the sexual energy from your genitals throughout your body. You can “run” your sexual energy up through your spine to your heart, to your head and even out the top of your head to the universe. You can actually make love to the universe! Once you’ve learned to dial up your sexual energy, you can transfer that energy to your lover. My friend and business partner, Jim Benson uses the metaphor of tuning forks to help people understand what it means to transfer orgasmic or sexual energy. If you tap a tuning fork and hold it next to another tuning fork, the second fork will begin to reverberate at the same frequency as the first. This is similar to what happens when one lover is turned on and the other picks up on that energy and gets turned-on as a result. Said simply, sexual energy is your essential life force, a natural resource of the body that becomes highly charged by feelings of pleasure and arousal. This charged up energy allows you to connect more deeply and become more attuned to your lover. With skill and practice, you can actually super-charge this sexual energy. Learning to tune-into and play with sexual energy is really quite simple. You need only become more intimate with your own breath and your five senses, particularly your sense of touch. I always recommend developing greater intimacy with yourself first, then you can bring that heightened awareness to your lover. Please share your experience and comment below about how you increase your sexual energy. You may just help someone else increase theirs! And be sure to watch the next video in the series and learn a specific sexual energy practice you can do with your lover. This is The Future of Sex. Watch The Tuning Fork Technique Video for more details on how your sexual energy can spill over into your lover’s desire: https://goo.gl/ibuiDZ Next video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72-EDiGvpTE
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How To Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Venous Leak and Arterial Plaque
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D., click here: https://goo.gl/r67uwb Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT http://biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797
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Creative Date Ideas In San Diego
Get More Relationship Advice From Susan: http://personallifemedia.com/2014/05/relationship-magic
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Ask An Erectile Dysfunction Specialist - What Are The 5 Causes of ED?
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D.: https://goo.gl/qwgNPL Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT http://biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797
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How To Reverse Erectile Dysfunction in Women and Men
Get Dave Asprey’s book: Headstrong https://trustyclick.com/headstrong I have a present for you. 🎁 Click this link to grab my "8 Playful Bedroom Adventures" https://goo.gl/HBpK4F In this video I’m with the famous “biohacker,” Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of Headstrong. Discover the two biggest things you can do starting today to turn back the clock on arterial plaque, clean out your clogged circulatory system and get blood flow to your heart, brain and genitals. (this affects women equally) Have you heard of the “butter coffee” trend? He’s the guy who has a shelf full of brilliantly conceived and effective supplements, healthy oils and snack products for people who want to be ageless and mentally sharp. I traveled to his Bulletproof Alpha Labs on verdant Vancouver Island, Canada to talk to him about how to reverse erectile dysfunction from arterial plaque. Women are as affected as men by a build of of plaque in their pelvic arteries. There is as much blood flowing to a woman’s genitals during sex as there is for a man’s penis to become erect. When you start getting clogged arteries, it affects your ability to enjoy sex no matter what your gender. Dave is an expert on, “mitochondria.” These are the little bacteria batteries that power our cells. And they need energy to power you. His book, Headstrong is all about how to power your body’s energy cells through a high-fat (good fats, like avocado oil, nuts, seeds, sustainable fish and organic meats his Brain Octane oil made from the Caprylic Acid (C8) coconut oil that raises fat-burning, brain-fueling molecules in your body called ketones. The C8 in Brain Octane oil has potent anti-microbial properties to help you maintain a healthy gut, and it is the fastest to metabolize in the brain. Your brain is made of fat, mostly cholesterol. Your sex hormones are also made of fat. So if you generally eat low fat, high carbs, high sugar with the occasional fried foods and fast foods, you are draining your batteries and clogging your arteries. Moving to a “good fats” diet which includes Brain Octane oil means your liver does not need to process this rare type of MCT (medium chain triglyceride fat or C8), and it only takes 3 steps for your body to turn it into ATP, the cellular fuel you use. Sugar takes 26 steps. So getting off of sugar and bad fats from fried and processed foods will begin to reverse your arterial plaque. On this important video, Dave and I talk about the two biggest things you can do starting today to turn back the clock on arterial plaque, clean out your clogged circulatory system and get blood flow to your heart, brain and genitals. As I write this email to you, I’m drinking my morning smoothie with Brain Octane Oil Maca, Vitamin C, Phytoplankton, Spirulina, Bone Broth with Red Beets Protein Powder, Super Green Powder, tong kat ali, pine pollen, Dave’s organic Collagen protein organic frozen blueberries, Organic Full Fat Vanilla Yogurt, organic unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and an organic banana. I’m going on a walk on the beach at low tide today. My 2018 commitment is to walk every day possible. And I just got an email from a fan who said, "Thanks so much for the lesson on eating healthy and it’s effects on my erection. I am going to change my lifestyle now.” Look, I can’t change the world. But I can help you have a more satisfying, emotionally connected and pleasurable sex life. Watch this video to discover how easy it is to have good sexual equipment that works until the end of your days. Don’t be one of the fat, sick and sexually impacted citizens. Rebel against the fast food, fried food, sugar-packed food conglomerate. They get you sick and then the medical/pharmaceutical makes money on you fixing your health issues (if you’re lucky).
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6 Ways To Get Closer To Each Other
Get your FREE Sexual Soulmate gift here: https://goo.gl/mcVTPf Susan Bratton At Good Day, New Mexico.
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How To Touch Her Genitals To Give Her Orgasms
I have a free video on my website called, Top Ten Fantasy Sex Techniques, visit this link: https://goo.gl/fILuOO Yoni Massage - http://trustyclick.com/yonimassage Beducated Lingam - http://trustyclick.com/lingam Touching For Rapture 3 Free Pleasure Reports http://expandherorgasmtonight.com/Free Hello! I’m Susan Bratton, Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to millions of lovers worldwide who want more and better sex. In this trilogy, I’m sharing with you the 3 ways to make her have more and better orgasms… even from intercourse.. If you missed videos #1 and #2, please watch them as this is a three-part system for giving woman all kinds of orgasms, including penetration orgasms from intercourse. If you’re a woman, this may be a breakthrough piece of information for you… and if you’re a man, discovering what engorgement is and how to do it will unlock her pleasure chest with a bounty of satisfying orgasms. The first technique I shared in this three part video series was setting the environment for lovemaking. The second video is about variety of stimulation. The third of three ways to touch her vagina to give her orgasms is engorgement. If engorgement is a new word for you, it just means, “swollen.” Just like a man gets an erect penis from stimulation… a woman needs this blood flow to her genitals too. This video is all about giving her a clitoral erection so she can have many kinds of orgasms. Her clitoris -- the part that’s showing -- is just the tip of the iceberg. She has as much erectile tissue up inside her as you do in your whole penis. Here is a 3D visualization of a clitoris. See the little nub? If that’s all you stroke or lick, she might have a small orgasm, but it’s not going to give her a deep, satisfying orgasmic response. Those little punching bags are her vestibular bulbs. They live under her pubic hair on each side of her vaginal opening. Like the G-Area (it’s more than a spot) that tissue likes pressure. The little wings are her crura, or clitoral legs. Those can be stimulated up inside her vagina, as can her G-Area which is her urethral sponge -- also erectile tissue. And her perineal sponge -- again, erectile tissue. For her to come harder and faster, you've got to get her ENTIRE clitoral structure as well as her other erectile tissue areas up inside her vagina hard, erect, swollen, engorged (all these words mean the same thing) for her to come really well. You have to remember too that you're a light switch and she's a fire. What you want to do is you stair-step her nervous system so that you're slowly turning her on. A little stimulation, a tiny little break. A little more stimulation. A tiny little break. The breaks are called, Peaking. You will actually increase her desire by making her reach for it juuuuust a little bit. At the same time, you're moving from the outside in -- like the concentric rings of an archery target or a dart board.. When you get to her breasts and you're playing with her nipples, you're going to stimulate her nipples a little bit. Maybe you're going to rub circles around her nipples on the outside, around the areola. Next you're just going to brush your fingers over the top of her breasts or under her breasts where the breast attaches to her chest.. Then maybe you'll do a little rolling of one of the nipples between your thumb and your forefinger. You’re moving. Your hands are roving. You’re kissing her. You’re running your hands down her body. Then you'll stroke her whole breast or both of her breasts or you'll give them both a little massage-y squeeze. Then you'll run your hands down her back and grab her ass. Then you'll put your thigh up against her mon Venus and the opening to her vaginal area. You'll press. Maybe you'll press with your leg or you'll press with your hand because the vestibular bulbs that are underneath her pubic hair on each side of the opening to her vagina. They get puffed up when you stroke them. You’re getting all her erectile tissue swollen, engorged. You’re giving her a full-body hard on. Another way to think of this stair-stepping of increasing sensation is the notion of catch and release. You're kissing her and then letting her go. Then you're stroking another part of her and then stopping it and then moving to another area and stopping. What you're doing is you're essentially taking her up and turning her on and then giving her body a little break. If you're constantly driving her toward orgasm you're actually trying too hard and you're over-stimulating her nervous system. Have you ever heard about clitoral fatigue? That's when you give a woman an orgasm but then her clitoris is so sensitive you can't keep touching it. She has to have you stop. That is because you're not toggling her nervous system. You're not taking her up, giving her an orgasm, and then giving her down strokes or peaks or breaks. Here's a link to the first video: https://youtu.be/ipMaZGs4OZc
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Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Diagnosis - Why Do You Have ED?
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D: https://goo.gl/nox22n Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT http://biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797 In order for you to reverse any erectile issues you have, you first must know WHAT is causing your particular issue. I asked Dr. Amy to go over the process she uses to determine the cause of ED in her patients. Then she reviewed the eight solutions to impotence so you could see what might help you based on your situation and your medical preferences. While you’re watching, please subscribe for free to my Better Lover channel. That way YouTube knows my content is valuable enough to show others. Click here: http://www.youtube.com/c/BetterLover?sub_confirmation=1
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How To Use Penis Pumps
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D. Click here http://bit.ly/2JZQ58G The New Alpha Rock Hard Formula: https://trustyclick.com/sbrockhard Unleash The Beast: https://trustyclick.com/unleash Huge Load Super Pack: https://goo.gl/ePvfmJ The Blowjob Secret: https://goo.gl/fKpTku Bio hormone replacement therapy videos: https://goo.gl/A28Rtb Dr. Joel Kaplan's penis pumps: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanppump Dr. Joel Kaplan's Male Enhancement Products: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanhome Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump Click Here: https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Erectile-Dysfunction-Enlargement-Masturbator/dp/B00WLM031Q/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=perlifmed-20&linkId=bb1be5edef85c43d3010ed297bffc490 Contact Dr. Glenn Wilcox of Wise Medicine for a consultation. Dr. Glenn Wilcox, Wise Medicine http://drglennwilcox.com (505)771-4998 Telemedicine Appointments Available I dropped a new video for you on how to use penis pumps and cock rings to trap blood into your penis if you have ED or how to grow your penis using pumps the right way. First, there’s good news and bad news about penis pumps. Let’s get the bad news out of the way so I can tell you the good news… If you’re of average size (i.e.: 5 ½ to 6 inches) and you’re hoping to pump your way to a porn-sized cock, someone has misled you. HOWEVER, a lot of what you’ve heard about penis pumps IS TRUE. Most notably, more than half of penis-pump users (some surveys say as high as 80%) are actually happy with the results they get. My recent YouTube series on penis-pumps has generated a LOT of questions about the uses (and misuses) of a penis pump. We all know the Internet can be misinformation highwayso you have to make sure you have a reliable navigator. That’s a big part of my mission with my Better Lover Youtube channel. (Subscribe for free so you don’t miss a video!) In this video, you’ll see exactly how to use a penis pump for a fuller erection and, in some cases, up to an extra inch in girth. Especially important when using a pump is where to apply the lubeto get a good seal. You need that seal to create a vacuum because that’s what increases blood flow into the erectile tissue. You’ll also see how to use a constriction band or cock ring to maintain the erection for up to 30 minutes. The penis pump is especially helpful for men who can’t get hard after prostate surgery or who struggle with ED. But lately a lot of guys who don’t have these kinds of issues are trending on the penis pump to get a fuller, more impressive erection. In fact, according to one university study, the pump “provides psychological satisfaction for some men.” You know what that means, right? More confidence in the bedroom. Boom! Be sure to grab your copy of GET HARD INSTANTLY ON COMMAND by clicking this link http://bit.ly/2JZQ58G #HowToUsePenisRings #PenisRings #UsingPenisRings
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How To Have Energy Sex? - Future of Sex 2 of 10
Click here and get your free copy of Touch For Rapture eBook: https://goo.gl/ix1YR8 Welcome to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this short video series you’ll discover the many facets of sexual energy and advanced skills that can make sex more fun than ever throughout your life, even into your later years. I’m on a space mission to show you how you can become a better lover every time you make love. Let’s contrast energy sex with “ordinary sex” or purely physical sex. Energy sex pegs the needle toward more expansive pleasure and more intense orgasms. Energy sex uses the stardust inside you. Why? Because you’re not just going through the motions and having sex with your body, you are making love… playing with your turn-on, allowing your desire to increase your sexual energy until it overflows in orgasm. Instead of focusing on genital friction, sex happens in your entire being. Do you remember when you were really, really turned on by someone and they could feel it too? Well, that is sexual energy. That's that turn on, DESIRE.. that lust, that ardor, that passion, that craving to make love with someone. Boom! Straight to the moon! You take that sexual energy and bring into into your sexual activity to have energy sex. With energy sex, that energy builds in your body and you can then channel it into your lover’s body. A natural current starts to flow between your bodies, increasing the energy even more. For men, your penis becomes a beam of sensual light that penetrates her and fills her body. With a little practice, she'll be able to feel your energy penetrating her, even if you don't tell her what you’re doing. (penis light beam) One of the magical aspects of cultivating sexual energy is that you can sit across the table from your woman at a dinner party, and move your energy into her. Your energy will be so palpable, she’ll be wiggling in her seat and start giving you a wide-eyed look that says, "Baby, cut it out! This is too much! STOP!" But she’ll have a big smile on her face as she plays like she’s scolding you. Watch out though, because she can do this no-touch sex to you, as well… and you’re turn on won’t be so easy to hide! Another kind of energy sex is the, “I'm feeling you feeling me, you're feeling me feeling you” kind of sex. This is a technique from Dr. Patti Taylor, my mentor who created my Expand Her Orgasm Tonight course. It teaches couples a clitoral and penis stroking practices for expanding orgasmic pleasure… Talk about spaced out! Wowza. This feeling-you-feeling-me sexual energy touch technique is called, Touching for Rapture. Click on the link at the end of this video and download my free pamphlet, Touch for Rapture. This is how a couple can experience ONEness during an Expanded Orgasm session, just by using the Touching For Rapture technique. Have you ever experienced energy sex or this merging of two into one? Please post a comment below so others can learn from your experiences. In the next short video, you’ll discover the 3 kinds of sexual energy that can takes you to the moon and back together. This is The Future of Sex. If you like my videos, click the Thumbs Up, subscribe to my Better Lover Channel, and get one new sex technique each week. And be sure to click here and get your free copy of Touch For Rapture as my gift… this tiny little pamphlet shows you how to how to give yourself pleasure when you touch your lover and why it will feel exquisite to BOTH of you: https://goo.gl/ix1YR8 Watch the 3rd video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn5pwLY1vqs
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Bullseye Touch Technique
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O Shot Into My Clitoris and G-Spot Using PRP For Vaginal Rejuvenation
Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you've had, read my article here: https://goo.gl/CwUqMy Menstrual panties: http://trustyclick.com/mpant
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How To Do Orgasmic Meditation - Future of Sex 8 of 10
Click here to get three free pleasure reports on Expanded Orgasm: https://goo.gl/Qcr8qy Alright. Congratulations. You are one of the curious people who is open to building on what you know and learning more and more about your innate sexual potential. I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and this is The Future of Sex Series. Let’s jump right in. What I really want to encourage in this video is giving yourself the gift of doing a complete reset on your sexuality. Essentially, you want to power down and enter a state of no-mind with your lover. Let go of everything you're thinking about. Get out of your head! Your only aim is to be with another person, to feel the feelings and feel the connection so you can play off each other. When you've truly let go, you won’t be distracted by thoughts about how your body looks, or how well you’re “performing.” In fact, I’m encouraging you to let go of outcomes altogether and simply slip into the moment, completely present with your partner. That kind of lovemaking actually takes you into a meditative state, a theta brainwave pattern that allows for the most passionate kind of love making. In the theta state, you're fully present while making love, and completely surrendered to the pleasure that the two of you co-create in the moment. That interplay is actually a sexual meditation you do with your partner. Now, I’m going to go into detail about the expanded orgasm practice I talked about in the previous video in this series. This is a practice my husband and I have done for over 12 years. It's a clitoral stroking technique. We start by lying down and getting comfortable. All I need to do is relax. Not so easy for me, given that I wear my CEO hat all day long! With orgasmic meditation, I let go of all that, and simply let my husband lead. I am lying there, he is stroking my clitoris with his finger in a specific way that ensures the sensitive nerve endings in my love nub won’t get worn out. The last thing he wants is to continue to the point where his touch becomes unpleasant. A lot of men don’t even know this is what happens when they go for a woman’s clit and inadvertently dial down her arousal rather than get her more and more turned on. Over time, my husband has discovered that he can essentially take over my nervous system. We enter a conjoined trance state. I'm feeling him, he's feeling me, I'm riding his ride, he's stroking me into a series of orgasms that stack and get better and better and better over time. As he strokes me, my orgasms get longer, and more intense as he takes me on this erotic journey. All the while, we are in an incredibly restorative theta state, a meditative trance that we access by intentionally building and harnessing our sexual energy. And men… you are really going to love this… the same state can be accessed when a man is having his penis stroked in such a way that he gets right up to the edge of orgasm and rides the wave of pleasure rather than going over the edge into ejaculation. He can even begin to separate ejaculation from orgasm and have male-multiple or full-body energy orgasms. Of course, most men will ejaculate at first, but it’s actually quite easy to train yourself to have full body, energy orgasms. These orgasms feel as good and even better than the typical ejaculatory orgasm guys assume is all there. Men don’t know they are capable of energy orgasms simply because we live in a culture where ejaculation is the “standard orgasmic procedure.” But it's not, it's just what you learned. There's way more pleasure to be had when you enter a meditative sexual energy state with your lover. When you practice expanded orgasm stroking you get into that trance state together. This is The Future of Sex Series. In the next video, I'm going to talk about the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and how you can toggling back and forth for expanded orgasmic pleasure. Click here to get three free pleasure reports on Expanded Orgasm: https://goo.gl/Qcr8qy Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_c9AuBB96f_k8k56UXr9qQ?sub_confirmation=1
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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options - Pills, Penis Pumps, Testosterone (8 Solutions To ED)
I have a present for you, click this link to grab my 8 playful bedroom adventures: https://goo.gl/4AzjFD Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT http://biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797
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Sexual Fantasies Ruining Sex Life
Click this link to see The Top 10 Fantasy Sex Techniques: https://goo.gl/8aC54z Our Early Bird VIP Notification List: https://goo.gl/pwomNp Note: When I say, "indulge each other's fantasies," I actually mean: Verbally indulge fantasies when making love. Don't actually do the fantasies. Just use them as dirty talk when you're both in an extra spicy mood. I recently received an email from a woman who felt confused about her husband’s fantasy life. She was so turned off by his behavior that their previously hot sex life was turning cold. This is a common situation many people can learn from so I asked her for permission to share her letter. Watch this video to learn more.
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Vagina Tightening Report - My Husband’s Perspective
Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you've had, read my article here: https://goo.gl/UUT7JS
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How To Get Her To Initiate Sex
Turn her on fast, click here for more info: https://goo.gl/SLK7kU How to create an ripe environment for her to get in the mood and signal to you she wants sex... without being pushy.
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How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner
Figure out your Relationship Values using the Relationship Magic workbook: https://goo.gl/A1dbN4 Susan Bratton at Good Morning Arizone. If you want to treat your partner the way you want to be treated, you're not treating them the way they want to be treated. Here's how to understand your partner what they wanted the most.
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How To Make Love To A Man vs  A Woman
Download my free audio and ebook, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date with a checklist for the hottest sex ever: https://goo.gl/nmBs6U Make sure you watch my companion video, How Men Like To Have Sex Versus Women for more great ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9x0bAWmy5s Now, here's How To Make Love To A Man Put on lingerie. Tell him you crave him. Throw him down on any surface. Immediately touch his genitals and wet kiss him. Tell him why you desire him. (Be specific, especially when you worship his tool.) Let him feel your body and look at you naked. Have as many loud, satisfying orgasms as possible by telling him exactly what he can do to get you off. (He can't read your mind.) Give him a long, delicious climax. Make him a sandwich. Tell him how much you respect him. (Be specific.) Have sex with him again the next day. How To Make Love To A Woman Meet her top relationship values such as keeping her safe, giving her freedom, letting her feel whatever is important for her to feel. (She can tell you if you ask.) Tell her why you love her. Take out the trash or fix something broken and let her know you handled it. Give her a kiss on her forehead or cheek and hug her. Offer to give her a sensual massage, no strings attached. Warm up the oil, light the room softly, get a pitcher of water and towels. Lock the door. Take off her clothes. Lie her down. Hold her and look in her eyes. Breathe together. Turn on the sexiest music possible. Once she's relaxed, start with a warmed oil foot rub. Ask her how her day was. Let her talk. Start rubbing her back, her belly, her thighs. Slowly start massaging all around her vulva but do not touch it. Give her little pecks on the lips but don't stick your tongue in her mouth yet. Show her your erect penis. Tell her it's for her. Give her a breast massage. Don't immediately grab her nipples. Go slowly. Massage her mons, her outer labia and her sweet butt cheeks. Alternate between her breasts and vulva, add in stroking her clitoral area. Begin kissing her lips, lightly probing inside her mouth with your tongue and then kissing her neck. Kiss her nipples. Ask her if you can suck and lick them. Ask her how she'd like you to rub her genitals next. Do that using warm organic coconut, sweet almond or my favorite, avocado oil. Put your penis in her hand. Let her hold it. Start telling her other things you two might want to do together. Give her 3-5 options from less to more sexual. Let her choose what she wants. Do that. Make her more offers. Let her choose what she wants. Do that. Make her more offers. Your ability to think up fun sexy positions and ideas will allow her to ramp her arousal and feel safe and desired. Once you've both had as many orgasms as possible, hold her again at the end and tell her three reasons why you love her. Thank her. Get up and have a sandwich. To figure out your top relationship values, click on the Relationship Magic link: https://goo.gl/JLd3Yo And How would you like to have orgasmic, fantastic sex tonight? If that’s a yes, which I’m pretty sure it is, I’m going to give it to you as a “Thank You” for watching my videos. Click THIS link to download or hear online a selection of my hottest techniques to SET THE SCENE FOR UNINHIBITED PASSION in the bedroom: https://goo.gl/nmBs6U I’m personally going to show you how to escalate arousal during sex so you and your lover can have body-throbbing pleasure worthy of being called “Orgasmic Fantastic!” So what are you waiting for, use these techniques I share for free, and have orgasmic fantastic sex tonight! And please Subscribe to my Better Lover YouTube channel by clicking here. http://www.youtube.com/c/BetterLover?sub_confirmation=1 Like me or give me a thumbs up if this video was helpful to you. And if you have a question or comment, I reply to all kind ones! Share your story with us or your preferences or sexy ideas. And I'll see you on the other side!
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O Shot Clitoral Orgasm Injection Procedure Explained
Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you've had, read my article here: https://goo.gl/TC2nJR
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Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure
Here is the article with the protocol. Cure UTI’s Bladder Infections Honeymoon Cystitis Without Antibiotics: https://goo.gl/1DG8xp Many women get urinary tract infections from sex. If you’re a guy, save this protocol on your hard drive. If your woman gets a UTI, you can be her hero. This is a natural solution that does not require antibiotics. All it takes is baking soda and water and coffee, along with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Antibiotics are not a good treatment for everyday UTI’s. Taking them kills all the good bacteria in your gut on it’s way to attacking the bacteria in your urethra. Alkalizing your body with the coffee and baking soda works even better and is healthier. If you try this and it works, please comment below the video. If you have any tweaks to this protocol that have worked for you, please share them as well.
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How To Use A Penis Pump
Here is a link to my free ebook, Get Hard Instantly On Command. I have more info on penis pumps, prostate massagers, and nitric oxide as well as three “instant get hard” techniques when you get a little bendy during sex: https://goo.gl/cLaqom 1) Recommended Penis Pumps (Including “The Whopper”) Click Here: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanppump 2) Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump Click Here: https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Erectile-Dysfunction-Enlargement-Masturbator/dp/B00WLM031Q/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=perlifmed-20&linkId=bb1be5edef85c43d3010ed297bffc490 3) More Trusted Male Enhancement Products Click Here: https://trustyclick.com/kaplanhome Penis pumps are great for pumping extra blood into your penis before intercourse. And some of them vibrate along with pumping, which some men find a pleasurable addition to their masturbatory practice. Doctors recommend penis pumps too. Regenerative medicine doctors give penis pumps to men after P Shots, GainsWave and other rejuvenation therapies to support the PRP, stem cell, exosome injections and ultrasound therapies. There are two kinds of vacuums: air pumps and water pumps. Some men prefer to pump in the bath or shower. Others prefer the bed or their easy chair. Some vacuums are battery operated, others plug into the wall. Some are hand pumped. Some have LED readouts with measurements. Even on expensive units I’ve played with, I’ve found the release button to be so small and pointy it hurt my fingers to release it. So your decision must not be factored on price only. Spending more might not get you additional value. My recommendation is that you don’t spend a lot when getting started. The mechanisms are pretty simple. It’s a vacuum tube, so the seal is the critical piece: Getting an insert that fits comfortably around your penis and creates a seal when you apply lube to the edge is most important. If it doesn’t seal, who cares if there’s an LED readout? The seal is important. The size of the tube and the seal ring matters. For the average man of 6”, he can probably use the larger tube. For a man 4” and under, it’s best to go with the smaller tube. The #1 thing you DON’T WANT TO DO is OVER PUMP. Over pumping can cause tissue injury and burst blood vessels. Since men have the propensity to not feel things and/or want to “take it like a man,” I beg you to take it easy! Over pumping can actually LOWER your sensitivity and cause penile tissue damage. Slow, low and consistent is the key. Do it frequently and build up slowly. What you’re doing is expanding the cells and helping bring in more blood flow so your circulatory system grows. You want not only the tissue in your corpus cavernosum to expand, you want your blood vessels to slowly grow over time so you can pump more blood into your penis during erections. Your arteries send the blood to your penis. Your veins lock it in for an erection. And your capillaries are what send the nitric oxide signals to your body to engorge and deflate. That’s why circulation is the #1 most important attribute of erectile function. If you pump with too much pressure you’re just hurting yourself… setting yourself back. Penis pumping is similar to building muscle. As your penis is pulled into the chamber, tiny little micro tears occur in the tissue. These expansion cracks, if you will, heals and grow with repetition. Just like reps in bicep curls, you want to do pumping reps with your penis vacuum. A few minutes every other day with a rest day seems to be what body tissue generally appreciates. This is why doctors who give Priapus Shots (P Shots) and other treatments like the GainsWave also give their patients a penis pump. Watch my videos on this too. When they inject the growth factors from your own platelet-rich plasma (from your blood), add stem cells or exosomes or damage the tissue with ultrasound, the pump expands the tissue volume in your penis so that your own body can heal from the suction and use the growth factors to increase tissue volume. Bottom line, I don’t think you need to pay a lot because it’s a simple tool. More important factors are fit and preference for air or water. Look on Amazon to start. Or go to your local adult toy story. They both will have a variety. Pumps are non-returnable. So choose wisely and let me know how you do. And finally, if you’re trying to grow your penis, please watch my video about Average Penis Size. There’s important information you must know about size and attitudes. #PenisSize #PenisPump #HowToUsePenisPump
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What Turns Men On Sexually In Bed
Use this link to get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you: https://goo.gl/NHvoJE Here is a video series I made for you on the six essentials to being sexual soulmates. This came from an interview I did with Cami Elen for her Ultimate Love Life Make Over. Cami Elen’s Love Life MakeOver Summit: http://trustyclick.com/cami
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Blow And Grow Penis Growth Blowjob Technique
Learn how to make your oral pleasure more hotter, visit this link: https://goo.gl/w5ZyeE 5 ways to make your penis bigger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux3g3EG1WPE The Blowjob Secret Discount Link: https://goo.gl/6E41Kp If you haven’t seen my previous video 5 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger, you may want to watch that, along with my videos about penis pumps and testosterone. My techniques are repeatable and have worked on all three of my lovers I’ve done this to. One of my partners is 25% bigger, one is 40% bigger overall, and for the other I actually FIXED his broken penis. More on that in a minute... What I do is use a combination of my mouth and hands in very specific ways. Depending on the guy and the frequency you do this, he will see improvements within 3-5 sessions. And the improvements keep gaining for years. Blowjobs not only reverse penile atrophy, they can fix damage from rough sex and just simply make a small penis bigger, an average penis large and a large penis very large. I know guys with Peyronies are wondering if this will help them. I do not know because I don’t have any experience doing this to a guy with Peyronies. I’ll tell you my experiences and you can post comments and questions below and I’ll answer them. One of my favorite things about the Blow & Grow Blowjob is the satisfaction I get looking at my guy’s happiness when he sees how great his penis looks. And giving is as much fun as receiving. Plus the more you do it, the better you get! I have two gifts in the show notes below. A free video that’s too risque for YouTube called, “Mouth Watering Techniques That Intensify Oral Pleasure Ten Times Better.” You and your lover are going to love this one! https://goo.gl/w5ZyeE And a link to a digital book I published called The Blow Job Secret. If your partner doesn’t ask to go down on you, or you want your partner to love giving you head, then go get that book. OK, before I tell you how I do it, let me explain why it works. Then the moves I teach you will make more sense. “Suckling Makes Your Penis Bigger.” What I mean by that is that when you get oral sex, the sucking actually expands the cells, which increases your penile tissue volume, which in turn increases blood flow capacity… all which increases the length and girth of your penis. Yes. Blow jobs grow your penis. But not just sucking… I said “suckling.” There are a few specific mouth moves I do. The first is a suck with a compression. The way to describe it to a woman is how a baby sucks on a nipple when they breastfeed. Babies don’t suck the little nipple tip. They take the entire aurelia (the dark ring around the nipple AND the nipple) into their mouth and compress it between their tongue and the roof of their mouth while they suck. Anatomically, the tissue of lips and tongue and a penis have many similarities including a lot of erectile tissue. What suckling is is compression sucking. It’s like your mouth is a human penis pump. When she compresses the penile shaft between her tongue and the roof of her mouth while gently suckling, it expands the tissue. If she has the intention of sending nurturing, healing touch into his penis, it responds. Another technique I do is surround the penis shaft completely with my mouth and suck out in all directions at the same time. When the penis is suckled in these ways, tiny little micro tears occur in the penis tissue. Then his body sends in growth factors from his blood plasma to repair the slight damage. You must be VERY GENTLE. This is a slow, sensual experience. It’s a blow vacation… not a blow job. You never want to suck too hard. Like building muscle, your penis gets a bit more robust each time you get a blow job. And here’s the next important aspect to enlarging a penis through oral pleasuring… Palpating the buried shaft with your hands to enliven and awaken that tissue results in a longer, stronger penis. If you have trouble getting your woman to go down on you, I’ve put a discount link to The Blow Job Secret. This little book shows you how to get even a resistant woman to love giving you oral sex. But it goes beyond that. It explains how to convert the gag reflex into orgasmic pleasure. And it shows you how to make love to her throat. As well as my favorite Blow Job Sex Positions. And please give my video a thumbs up to let YouTube know my content is valuable. I respond to all polite questions and comments. Feel free to join the conversation below. And I’ll see you, on the other side! #BlowAndGrowPenisGrowthBlowjobTechnique #BJ #BlowAndGrow
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My Husband Tells Me What To Wear
Want to know more how to get more sex more often? Download our FREE eBook: https://goo.gl/37y9FT Did you have sex with him while wearing that? What is your jealous lover trying to say? Have you dealt with a jealous partner? Maybe your lover gets jealous when you mention a previous lover or... heaven forbid... run into a former paramour at a party. THE GREEN-EYED MONSTER Sometimes the issue centers around the fact that one partner is more sexually conservative than the other or, on the other hand, more flirtatious and extroverted than the other. Regardless of the underlying issue, the last thing you want to do is react with judgment, criticism, or dismiss your lover's feelings as silly—even if they are unfounded. The green-eyed monster can corner both men and women when a third party is perceived as a threat to a treasured relationship. Jealousy is a complex emotion, a chemical cocktail that fires the danger circuits in the brain causing rage, fear of abandonment, and feelings of humiliation. A common response when a lover pays attention to another—especially an attractive, sexy other—is: How does that make me look? Before you go dismissing your partner's jealous reaction (or your own for that matter) pause to consider the possibility that jealousy has something important to say. Rather than ask, Why are you jealous? and try to talk your partner out of what they are feeling, instead ask, Is there something you need from me right now? For example, consider the impasse between Lauren and her fiancée, Chuck. Lauren is in great shape, and she enjoys dressing up sexy. She has an enviable collection of lingerie she has accumulated over the years. Many of her favorite pieces were gifts from past lovers. As of late and for no obvious reason, Chuck has started getting weird when she puts on lingerie. One night when she pulled out a favorite black lace thong and matching bra, he started sulking. Lauren asked him what was up. He asked who gave her the set, and when she told him, he demanded, Did you have sex with him while wearing that? Had Lauren dismissed his jealousy or made him wrong for feeling the way he did, the bra and panty issue could've escalated into a fight that would actually foster more jealous feelings and compound them with feelings of being misunderstood. Fortunately, Lauren remembered my advice about how to handle a jealous lover and applied it to her situation. She was able to address Chuck's concern with compassion and understanding, rather than shame him for feeling insecure. It's not always easy to step back and get perspective when a lover is suddenly blinded by jealousy. Unresolved jealousy can erode trust in a relationship, so it's helpful to know how to de-escalate those painful feelings. Like most people, you need expert advice on how to handle this head-on or, if someone is chronically and unreasonably jealous, how to set boundaries or know when it's time to leave the relationship. Watch this video on how to de-escalate jealousy so you can restore harmony should the green-eyed monster attack your relationship.
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Priapus Shot (P-Shot with PRP) and Stem Cells For Stronger Erections
Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D.. Click here: https://goo.gl/3hNr1o Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT http://biorestoration.com. 801-501-9797
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What Is Sexual Energy? - Future of Sex 1 of 10
Grab your free book, How To Be Instantly Hotter and Sexier by clicking here: https://goo.gl/GVHY4a What IS sexual energy? When people hear the words “sexual energy” they tend to think libido and eroticism. And while those are key elements of sexual energy, it’s far more all-encompassing than that. Simply put: sexual energy is your LIFE FORCE. It's your creativity, your passion, your ZEST for life. We are designed to procreate. It’s what we do as human animals, a biological mandate that is essential to our nature. Our sexual energy is the engine that drives our will to live. Sexual energy drives men to build and women to make themselves beautiful. From the most basic activities like hunting and gathering to the most lofty ambitions like building a civilization in outer space… we are driven to survive. And that drive is fueled by sexual energy! When you don't feel creative, when you don't have passion for something, when you're not turned on by life, you are likely to be ill or off-kilter. Think about it: if you were completely healthy and moving your life force, your vitality would be strong, your creativity would be flowing, your sexual energy would be circulating, and you’d over-the-moon about life! But that energy can get damped down by repression, abuse, and shame, resulting in a lack of sexual energy. One of the best things you can do if that’s true for you is to get back in touch with your sensual self through fantasy and self-pleasuring. I’ll share many ways to cultivate more sexual energy throughout this Future of Sex video series... so be sure to subscribe to my channel below. Sexual energy has many names, including libido, Chi, and Prana. A long time ago in a galaxy not far away… Actually, practices to cultivate this vital life force have been around for thousands of years in ancient traditions. You see it in Hindu tantric traditions and Eastern practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Sexual energy plays a role in Taoism, Western psychology as well as the holistic health and personal development movement. Taoism (which is, by the way, humanity’s oldest philosophical tradition) identifies seven energy bodies: physical, chi, mental, emotional, psychic, karmic, essence, and the Tao. But zoom out to space and look at sexual energy in a larger context. We know that everything is made of energy at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic level. Every cell in your body is an energy production facility. Tiny organelles called mitochondria and ATP molecules running through the Krebs Cycle keep us alive, breathing, moving, thinking, loving and, of course, sexing. [Video of Cells that looks like space?] We can measure the body’s energy in the form of light, sound, heat, electromagnetic and gravitational fields. You are surrounded by electromagnetic fields, but you also generate your own electromagnetic bio-field around your body. This is called your aura, chi field, or simply, your subtle body. Cyndi Dale, author of The Subtle Body says that there are hundreds, if not thousands of subtle energy fields. The Universal Light Field is also known as the “zero-point field” and consists of photons that regulate every living thing. You are a radiant being of light! I’m going to tell you how you can harness these photons and fields and use them to power more passionate sex. What I most want you to get out of this first video in the Future of Sex Series is this: sexual energy is more than your sex drive. It’s your desire to live life to the moon and back… to experience all of what life has to offer… and that, in turn, fires up your libido, which gets you tapped into the Universal life force and turned on as your sexual energy expresses itself through your mind, your body and your heart. How have you been experiencing your sexual energy? Will you take a minute to comment below about what it’s been like for you? Your stories help others have more pleasure and connection too. Listen, there is so much more to discover about how to cultivate and harness our natural sexual energy. And one of the most sexy ways is to use our sexual energy to have energy sex. :) Watch my next video on energy sex coming up. It’s out of this world! And now that you know you have sexual energy inside you, you can bring your awareness to enjoying it more with the advanced sexual energy practices I’ll be talking about in this series. Welcome to the future of sex. If you like my videos, click the Thumbs Up and consider subscribing to this Better Lover Channel where I put up one new sex technique each week. And to begin cultivating your hottest sexual energy -- to infinity and beyond -- grab my free book, How To Be Instantly Hotter and Sexier by clicking here. https://goo.gl/GVHY4a You’ll get three far out techniques that amplify your sexual energy immediately! Next video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmG2d9nelZk
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