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Pink Guy   14 Frank Says
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Pink Guy   23 FF And The Crew
Lyrics: Frank: YEAH! SHIT! TITS! Welcome to the mixtape. I'm your host for tonight, Filthy Frank. Yeah, Yeah, I shot your Mom in the dick. I'm an over-sized midget with a bucket of shit. Yeah, I like to pee on that one kid who hung your dog from a tree. I'm not racist. I just don't like people's skin darker than mine, and people who pray to shrines. 'Cause they're dirty, they walk around barefoot, and they have no vaccine's. I like women, don't get me wrong, But ain't nothing wrong with a good old fashioned dick. You can find me outside with a white van having sex with a pidgin, man. Yeah, and when I'm done with the pidgin, I'll let it fly back to the jungle. (Pidgin Noise). Yeah, and it's easy to see, Filthy Frank Crew takin' over MTV. Yeah, You know who it is. I got the whole crew with us tonight. Pink Guy, let's go. Pink Guy: (Random Gibberish with some Japanese) Yeah, it's Pink Guy up in this bitch. YEEEAAAHHHHH! Let's go. Yo, it's Pink Guy, if you mess with me, you gon' get pink eye. 'Cause your mouth is near my anus. 'Cause you mouth is near my anus. Frank: How do you like that? We got the whole crew up in here tonight. And I got you a special guest, Tony the Turd. Let's go. Tony: (Gibberish) Yeah, Tony the Turd. I fuck women a lot. I like it, it's nice. Frank: Yeah, that's definitely a stroke. MEDIC! MEDIC! Shit, CPR.
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Pink Guy   10 Fried Rice
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Pink Guy   30 Tribute to Ronald
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Pink Guy   01 Ramen King
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Pink Guy   04 Big Mama
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LYRICS: If I said this verse was fucking whack then I'd be lying you said you're going platinum but your momma should have gone laytex I'm crying because you're trying way too fucking hard to be what I am, give it a break and sit the fuck down, now it's pink in the flesh and I ain't talking about vagina if you're wanna sniff a line of cocaina up in a diner and pop a molly or stupid shit reflect on using it but use it again just to make sure that you're not used to it I'm snapping necks like it's a bad picture, I got these faggots throwing up like they were bad pitchers cuz this cranial tumor is not so humorous to bitches new to this uterus spilling girls with a million cramps that are thicker than their fluid gets, now that's a stupid bitch, I get offended by these girls with their useless shit, so if you got a problem write it on a piece of paper, and shove it up your ass I probably wouldn't read it later, I'm so faded like your grandma in the hospital with alzheimers, she wont remember this joke, but just remember, even when she's losing her brain, she wont hesitate to wake up and start screaming my name, like in the hospital she gonna be screaming my name in the grave she gonna be screaming my name in the wheelchair she gonna be screaming my name who am i who am i yup yup it's pink guy so who am i yup yup it's pink guy kissing too much ass you might contract pink eye they said I wasn't smart enough to get some A's again I wrote some essays (ese's) up like arresting a few mexians so what the fuck is with this estrogen everybody's bitching about my work my dick starts to hurt again that's why I'm making all these octopus balls cuz yall need to grow your own come and tickle my tentacles and tell me that I'm weak i got ink and some balls i said balls like fucking twice but i gotta emphasise on my testicle size i meant tentacle size whoops, first you pour the batter then include the invertibrae leave it for a couple minutes spin it like bay blades then you eat some fresh balls
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Pink Guy   24 Loser
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Pink Guy   11 Fuck The Police NWA Cover
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Pink Guy   25 Pussy Doe
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Pink Guy   17 Watermelon pussy
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Pink Guy   09 Erectile Dysfunction
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Santa s'brother   06 Dick Pays Rent
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Pink Guy   34 In Da Womb
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Pink Guy   19 It's Okay To Eat Whale
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Pink Guy   05 Bitches ain't shit
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Pink Guy   29 Took It In The Bottom
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Pink Guy   22 Ladies Man
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Pink Guy   03 Anal Beads
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PolitikZ : REAL HIPHOP Lyric video
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PinkOmega : Trap Dumplings Lyric Video
I'm feeling it..
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Pink Guy   16 Bad Words
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Pink Guy   26 Some Shit
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Pink Guy   32 Who's The Sucker
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Pink Guy   12 Kill Yourself
Poo, poo, pee, pee, penis and vagina; women with dicks and weak men with vaginas; so fucking delicate like mommy's fine china; if you have complaints, please, wait your turn and line up. I got a message for this little fags tryna... be a mama's boy and a teacher's pet, pimple faced, ass wiped, looking like they just got a gyne... ...cologist stick five fingers in your ass, no lube; so what you're gonna do? If you're #1 shove it up your ass and make it #2 (... Oh!) Ladies getting mad in the comments, and I'm hearing it, you think it was a typo with these red lines and periods. (Oo-oo-ooh!) Ha ha, no comma bitches with their self esteem... get out of the sauna! My shit lies in the sewers closing the hatch, I only joke about diseases, a reference that only you can catch. (Yeah! Oh my God!) And if you think you're fucking grown up, keep breathing heavy with your keyboard and fedora; hands around your dick with a kung-fu grip: stroking back and forth to My Little Pony clips, bitch. Go outside and ride a bike or something, and get laughed at by kids to remind you that you are NOTHING. And then get hit by every car or truck that ever passes... (Your life flashes before your eyes!) Oh, wait to your Google glasses... Nevermind, faggot, just pick your ass up and take you to your closest sign, faggot. I'm not done yet, you get up and you go home, sit at your computer and open up Google Chrome and then look at tutorials on how to hang yourself at home. ... And then you can hang yourself. (Is-Is that the end of the story?) Ha ha ha ha ha... no, son. Kill yourself. Please, please, kill yourself. You should really kill yourselves. Please, please, kill yourself. You should really kill yourselves.
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Pink guy 31 U got a frend
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Pink Guy   28 Taco Bell
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Pink Guy   33 Gibe de pusi b0ss
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Pink Guy   13 Balls
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Pink Guy   20 Jungle Boy Pt 1
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Pink Guy   27 Steve
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Pink Guy   35 Friendzone
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Santa s'brother   02 Peanutbutter
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Pink Guy   18 Gay Mickey
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Pink Guy 07 Birth of b0ss
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Pink Guy   21 Douchebag
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Pink Guy   15 Crazy Ni**a
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Pink Guy   37 Let's Get Some Pussy Tonight
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Pink Guy   08 Do The Salamender
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Pink Guy   36 Filthy
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why has god abandonned us..
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