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W. Brett Wilson on "My PhD in Prostate Cancer"
Renowned philanthropist and Calgary engineer and businessman W. Brett Wilson returns to PROSTAID Calgary to give us an update on his journey with prostate cancer. Since he last spoke with us his cancer had returned, and he talks at length about his treatment modalities and his focus on positivity and knowledge during times of struggle. There are some laughs, some hushed truths and a few F-bombs along the way in this transformative talk to a packed house at the Kerby Centre in downtown Calgary.
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Betty Pearson - Healing Touch Self Care
Healer Betty Pearson discusses a non-pharmaceutical strategy that uses energy and human touch to deal with pain and mental strain. Techniques are taught and demonstrated with questions following.
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Dr. David Heber - Inhibiting Cancer with Diet
PCCN Calgary Warrior Fred McHenry intros this segment from the Prostate Cancer Research Institute Conference from September 2010. Heber's video runs through a large spectrum of dietary tips. Dr. Heber analyzes not only the key foods we eat from fruits to fish fat, but also the evolutionary history of our bodies and how it weighs in on our health. A specific focus on the diet as it applies to prostate cancer is also addressed.
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Advanced Prostate Cancer - Dr. Daniel Heng
In a concise, caring and matter-of-fact manner, Dr. Daniel Heng from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre discusses the different kind of treatment options available to those facing Advanced Prostate Cancer. He talks about pills like Abiraterone and Docetaxel and even psychological treatments for prostate cancer, leaving no question unanswered.
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Dr. Mark Moyad - Fad Diets & Dietary Supplements from A to Z
A quick preview of the Beth Tzedec event which saw a number of health organizations as well as guest speaker Dr. Mark Moyad congregate for a talk on the myths and truths about supplements and the 9 steps you can do to ensure a long and healthy life.
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Sexuality after Prostate Cancer - Reanne Booker, BSc, MN
Oncology Nurse Practitioner Reanne Booker talks to the group about how relationships and sexual performance change after prostate cancer, and the things you can do to preserve sexuality as you get older. She discusses the various options available, from penile rings and pumps to pills to who to talk to for support. An inquisitive Q&A follows including call outs to various books that provide even more insight into sexuality with cancer survivors.
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"Living Your Best Life While on Androgen Deprivation Therapy" - Lauren Walker & John Robinson PhDs
Psychologists from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Lauren M. Walker and John W. Robinson share a talk the context of when Androgen Deprivation Therapy, or ADT, is used for treatment. They also talk about the studies and work they've done on the treatment, the side effects and ways to deal with them. Questions and answers follow.
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Imaging of Prostate Cancer - Shelley Jane Spaner, MD
Shelley Jane Spaner, MD of RCA Diagnostics discusses the current imaging guidelines and protocols for Alberta prostate cancer patients, what state of the art protocols are out there today, and what's on the horizon. She also compares the Alberta imaging landscape to the rest of Canada and beyond, answering questions and providing a clear look into just how they're able to see the prostate through all that matter.
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Dr. Richard Baverstock - Surgical Options for Erectile Dysfunction and Incontinence
Calgary urologist Dr. Richard Baverstock from the Rockyview Hospital leads a talk on erectile dysfunction and incontinence after prostate cancer. He details the various methods one could undertake before surgery (pills, clamps, etc.) and then demonstrates the current surgical options available for both conditions. It's an informative and very in depth discussion with some laughs along the way, followed by a Q & a session afterwards with our members.
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Dr. Ted Jablonski - Erectile Dysfunction
Family doctor Ted Jablonski weighs in on his expertise on all matters of the penis, dissecting how it works, what to do when it doesn't work the way you want it to, and the treatments available and all their potential side effects. With an emphasis on humor and audience participation, the talk is...uplifting, to say the least!
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Prostate Cancer: New Trends in Prevention, Screening & Management
Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto, Dr. Laurence Klotz, gives a frank and empowering talk about the future trends and practices he's seeing in the world of prostate cancer. He uses research data from all over the world to corroborate his own experience in treating cancer to show how men today with the disease are better off and how there are many little things men can do to prevent disease and raise their quality of life. In a fast and informative manner, he covers a wide range of topics from new supplements to his opinions on PSA testing (he's for it!) and also talks at length about how men with a Gleason score of 6 or lower may be better off without any advanced treatment at all.
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Dr. Robert Buckman - Laughter: The 2nd Best Medicine
Dr. Buckman gives a lecture equally thought-provoking as it is funny about the essence of humor and how, at its best, it is a healing way to deal with adversity. Through anecdotes, theory and even a few jokes of his own, Buckman is able to show that any illness, whether it is prostate cancer or beyond, can always benefit from a little humor.
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Dr. Richard Wassersug - Overcoming the Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy
As a prostate cancer survivor and someone who's had ADT, Wassersug discusses the side effects of the therapy both from a personal and scientific standpoint. He talks about the reduced sex drive and how instead of trying to cope to instead accept the change and thrive in spite of it.
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Open Arms Patient Advocacy
Angelica Martin & Farwa Naqvi of Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society talk about how their organization works to help patients improve their healthcare experience. They discuss specific case scenarios of how they help look out for patients and how they can help you when it comes to medical information, advocacy and support. To learn more visit their website at http://www.openarmsadvocacy.com/
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Yoga Passage - Tracy Mann
From Calgary's 1st Annual Cancer Survivorship Symposium: The co-founder of Yoga Passage with degrees in Kinesiology, Commerce and the Arts, Tracy Mann kicks the day off with a little namaste and rejuvenation. The entire symposium gets up and moves to Mann's soothing voice, learning how transferring good energy and thoughts can be an effective way of treating prostate cancer.
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Mindfulness and Cancer - Linda E. Carlson, Ph.D
Dr. Linda Carlson is a Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychosocial Resources at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. She joins us today to discuss the mental programming initiatives at the Tom Baker as well as to address the broader topic of cleaning your mind of stress and distractions and the physiological benefits it can have on cancer recovery. Carlson leads a couple stimulating brain and yoga exercises, as well as dissecting some key research on brain therapy and how it is changing how we treat illness.
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Dr. Richard Wassersug - Rediscovering Sex After Prostate Cancer
An insightful and somewhat provocative talk on what couples can do using alternative methods to remain intimate and keep the spark alive in their relationship post-PC. Instead of trying to make your new condition work like your old one, he suggests embracing other methods and to make decisions as a couple.
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Dr. Siraj Husain - Salvage Brachytherapy
Tom Baker Cancer Centre radiation oncologist Dr. Siraj Husain discusses advances and new studies in the growing area of Salvage Brachytherapy. He starts with a quick but informative overview of prostate cancer, its diagnosis and treatments, and then launches into studies with graphic slides that show the groundbreaking work that is being done today in the field. Very informative, and the future looks very bright in the field of prostate cancer treatment. A lively discussion follows, including talk about the whole PSA debate.
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BMO Banking - Estate Administration and Tax Planning
For this special talk we move from the prostate to the probate -- Trent Hamans from BMO Banking talks about wills and estate planning and the complications that can arise. He outlines proper planning those can take to ensure their estate is in good order before they pass and some special tax considerations as well. Questions and answers flow throughout.
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Sexuality after Prostate Cancer, Part II - Reanne Booker
Tom Baker Cancer Center Nurse Practitioner Reanne Booker comes back for another arousing discussion about the sexual realities and outcomes after prostate cancer. She gives a good overview of how prostate cancer treatments affect male sexual function and then goes to describe in detail the available options, from pills and creams all the way to vibrators and strap-on options. She also talks about the physiological side of sexuality and how "soft" skills like communication can be just as effective at restoring healthy sexual balance to your life.
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Cancer Metastasis: Can We Predict the Future? - John D. Lewis, Ph.D.
From Calgary's 1st Annual Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Head of the department of oncology at the University of Alberta, John D. Lewis discusses the exciting new developments in treating and isolating cancer cells. Through fascinating microscopic video he shows how treatments are progressing, and talks in detail about the Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative and the launch of their new website.
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Prostate Cancer Survivors Moving More in Alberta
Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed from the University of Calgary "runs" us through the health benefits of exercising especially when it comes to cancer recovery. She talks about the strategies to employ to keep moving and stick with it and shows the research about why it works. Dr. Culos-Reed also unveils the new Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) program designed specifically for cancer survivors. As an evolution of the True North initiative, ACE will hopefully pave the way for government financing of cancer recovery with a focus on physical activity. To learn more about ACE visit http://albertacancerexercise.com To learn more about what the U of C is doing for cancer recovery visit http://thriveforcancersurvivors.com
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Personal Penile Prosthesis - Terry Kirkland
PCCN Edmonton member Terry Kirkland comes down to YYC to talk about his journey with prostate cancer and the decision to get a penile implant. He talks about how the PPP works, how it has improved his confidence and his whole bumpy journey finding out about his cancer, shrinkage and impotence and his choice to do something about it all.
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Robotic Surgery and What is Next - Dr. Eric Hyndman & Tarek Bismar, MD
Prostate Cancer Centre urologist Dr. Eric Hyndman discusses the history and the advances in robotic surgery, from its humble beginnings to the DaVinci robot and beyond. He's later joined by University of Calgary MD Tarek Bismar who explores ERG gene rearrangements and disease progression in relation to prostate cancer.
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Dr. John Mulhall - Erectile Dysfunction
A screening from the 2010 Prostate Cancer Conference, where Dr. John Mulhall explores erectile dysfunction and how it affects survivors and their partners. He discusses treatments, statistics, relationships and the role of the doctor in all of this. A final farewell as president from Bob Shiell concludes the meeting.
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Research Panel - Satisfying Sex After Prostate Cancer
Dr. John Robinson and his team of Andrea Beck and Lauren Walker present their titilating findings that included survey results from over 60 couples to try and figure out the major issues in ensuring a good sex life after treatment. A helpful graph shows where men and women rank sexually.
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Medical Marijuana 101 for Cancer Treatment
Josh Bachynski, director of marketing and outreach at Harvest Medicine Cannabis Clinic gives a primer on marijuana, the difference between CBD and THC, the different strains, how it can be consumed, and how marijuana prescriptions can be used to treat the various conditions associated with prostate cancer. Questions follow, including answers to traveling with the drug, health care coverage and more.
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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Dr. William Zhao
Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, Dr. William Zhao, talks about the principles and the benefits of acupuncture in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He discusses the various pressure points and what parts of the body they help to stimulate and repair, and how acupuncture can stave off or even protect one from prostate cancer.
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Data Mining and Network Analysis to find Prostate Cancer Biomarkers
Computer science researchers at the University of Calgary, Dr. Reda Alhajj and Gabriela Jurca conducted months of study on correlations between various points of data in prostate cancer research. Today they present their data mining findings, and the results are enlightening. There's a lively discussion afterwards, and promise that this is only the beginning, the goal being that with enough data perhaps these researchers can uncover more about what fuels this disease. Please help us make advances in prostate cancer research by completing the survey at http://prostatecancer.alhajj.ca
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Dr. Jun Kawakami - Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy
Dr. Kawakami talks about how robot aided prostatectomies allow the surgeon greater precision and mobility inside the body and how the short term benefits outweigh other treatment options. He discusses the technology and what bringing it to Calgary will mean for patients in the new year.
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Dr. Geoffrey Gotto - Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection in Prostate Cancer
Dr. Geoff Gotto, a Urologist from the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology, spoke on the therapeutic role of pelvic lymph node dissection (PLND) for prostate cancer. He fielded many questions throughout and tackled everything from Gleason scores to even American for-profit procedures. It was a fun and lively talk about where the future of prostate cancer treatment is heading.
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David Spence - My Prostate Cancer Forecast
CTV News Calgary Meteorologist David Spence gives a personal account of his journey with prostate cancer. He discusses how he was first diagnosed, how he decided to hide the news, how he chose brachytherapy and the side effects, outcomes and opportunities prostate cancer brought to him with hopefully clear skies ahead! A spirited Q&A session follows.
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Dr. David Smith - Surviving to Thriving: The Physiology
Faculty of Kinesiology doctor at the University of Calgary, Dr. David Smith, talks about how exercise and determination can take you from merely surviving a bout of cancer to thriving after it. He uses studies, graphs and anecdotal experience to motivate.
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Keri Adams - Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Nutritionist Keri Adams leads a discussion about eating healthy and how it can help you deal with stress and other variables like prostate cancer. She dishes the truth on processed foods, olive oil, organics, minerals, water and a range of other hot button health topics. A lengthy and engaging Q&A period follows.
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Exercise for Men with Prostate Cancer - Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed
Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD, head of the Health & Wellness Lab at the University of Calgary gives a talk on why exercise is important for the rehabilitation and longevity of prostate cancer survivors. She talks about making your day "tougher" with video examples and details some of the health items one can utilize to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A post doctoral fellow at the U of C, Dr. Heather Leach, also details an important study in which men with prostate cancer can participate.
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Prostate Cancer in a Family Medical Practice - Dr. Ashesh Pabbies, MD
Family doctor at the Foothills Medical Clinic, Dr. Ashesh Pabbies, gives a refreshing overview of prostate cancer, from how it affects the body to the symptoms that might be present before your first regular checkup at the doctor. He answers a number of member questions in a frank, funny and honest manner.
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Dr. Dean Ruether - New Drugs in the Prostate Cancer Clinic
Dr. Ruether from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre gives an update about new drug and treatment progresses in prostate cancer treatment, as well as detailing the facilities and programs available to patients in the Calgary and Southern Alberta area. The tail end of the presentation features a lively discussion from our member group.
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Dr. Bryan Donnelly - Southern Alberta Institute of Urology
Dr. Donnelly discusses the new urology institute and how it will benefit Albertans, but also goes on to discuss many other topics in prostate cancer. He spends a large portion discussing the importance of PSA testing and the many complications that come from its use as a PC litmus test. He finishes by answering questions from the floor.
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What Men Won't Talk About...and Women Need To Know - Glenda Standeven
Chilliwack author and inspirational speaker Glenda Standeven talks about her philosophy of "Choosing to Smile" despite being an amputee due to bone cancer and having a husband, Rick, who is a prostate cancer survivor. She shares many stories about the trials and errors she and her husband went through in order to fight through adversity and find motivating ways to deal with topics including intimacy, impotence and incontinence. She gives a funny and frank account of their journey in hopes of helping others.
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Therapy & Surgical Management for Incontinence and Impotence - Dr. Richard Baverstock
Alberta Bladder Centre urologist Dr. Richard Baverstock gives another talk about the two I's that impact prostate cancer survivors, impotence and incontinence. He discusses post-prostate cancer therapies and more specifically the surgical options available to you for both impotence and incontinence, complete with photos and demonstrations of the actual products and implementations. With a good dose of humor, Dr. Baverstock is able to show all the options available to men in a fun an engaging manner.
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W. Brett Wilson on "Experiences From a Survivor"
Successful businessman and philanthropist W. Brett Wilson discusses his experiences with prostate cancer with a focus on a positive mental attitude and a take charge methodology. He's frank about his radiation treatment and general insights on treatment of the disease.
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Dr. Larry Goldenberg - HIFU or Hype-U
Dr. Larry Goldenberg discusses High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds, using hard statistics to determine whether this new method is worthy of all the hype. Filmed at the 2008 Canadian Prostate Cancer Network conference in Calgary, AB.
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An Evening of Gratitude with W. Brett Wilson
On September 13th, Prostate Cancer Canada Network - Calgary got together for a special monthly meeting to honor all its members. Notable award winners include philanthropist W. Brett Wilson and longtime board members Ron Gorham and Bob Shiell.
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Integrated Cancer Therapies - Dr. Matt Pyatt
Dr. Matt Pyatt, from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, talks about integrated cancer therapies and how they can support all phases of your prostate cancer journey and stimulate your immune responses - improving energy, stamina, mental health and overall wellness. He covers diet, hormones, improving conventional treatment, advanced naturopathic modalities and things to avoid when recovering from prostate cancer.
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Cancer Survivorship Symposium Introduction
PROSTAID CALGARY President Steve Belway and Dr. Eric Hyndman of the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology introduce the symposium with talk about the PCCN Calgary organization and the services it provides cancer survivors. Both also discuss the essence of "survivorship", setting the stage for all the other talks that transpire throughout a busy and thought-provoking day.
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Dr. Larry Goldenberg - Penile Rehabilitation after Radical Prostatectomy
Dr. Larry Goldenberg talks about the methods, treatments and lifestyle changes one can go about to help maintain erections post-surgery, with a number of studies shown for comparison. Filmed at the 2008 Canadian Prostate Cancer Network conference in Calgary, AB.
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Healthy Sex After Prostate Cancer
Diana Wark from the Calgary Sexual Health Centre leads a workshop that aims to help us reframe sex and sexuality (from years misconceptions in sex ed class when we were young) to help us experience and understand true sexual wellbeing. A lot of interactivity with the audience in this one, a lot of laughs and in the end a whole lot of learning, too.
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Wellspring Calgary Update
Center Manager Nancy Bilodeau Cogger and Program Coordinator Bobbi Fridfinnson stop by to give us an update on Wellspring Calgary, the city's welcoming community organization that provides a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them can improve the quality of their lives. They update on their new programs available, their expanding facilities across the city of Calgary and give hints to what the future holds for this exciting organization. For more info visit https://wellspringcalgary.ca
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Dr. Michael Speca on Role of Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery
Dr. Michael Speca, clinical psychologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre talks about dealing with stress and your mental state after you've dealt with prostate cancer treatment. He takes viewers on a meditative demonstration and then fields questions about how to stay focused and achieve mental comfort after cancer.
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Physical Activity for Prostate Cancer Survivors - Mike Dew
Member of Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed's Health and Wellness Lab at the University of Calgary, Mike Dew speaks about what you can do to stay in shape and prevent a lot of the degenerative side effects of Prostate Cancer by being active. He also describes the new True NTH Lifestyle Management program that's a free service to PC survivors across many countries thanks to funds from Movember. A hrm...active discussion follows!
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