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Fort Myers gun store gives I-75 good Samaritan new gun
A good Samaritan who shot a man attacking a deputy has a new gun, courtesy of a Fort Myers gun dealer.
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FHP makes push to hire more troopers
The men and women who patrol highways in Southwest Florida are in need of some help. The Florida Highway Patrol’s numbers are down in southern counties, and they’re making a big push to get more uniforms on the streets.
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Fatal Waffle House shooting deemed case of self-defense
The State Attorney's Office will not file any charges against the man who shot and killed Dakota Fields in January at the Waffle House restaurant on Palm Beach Boulevard.
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Have you seen this clown around Southwest Florida?
People are spotting Wrinkles all over Southwest Florida. His videos are going viral online, including a video of him lurking in a little girl's room.
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Saltwater Cowboy: Everglades City's marijuana smuggling ring
Many of you didn't live in Southwest Florida in the 1980s when little old Everglades City and Chokoloskee Island were exposed as the marijuana hub of America.  More than 25 years after he was arrested, one of the lead smugglers is telling the story. 
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Fathers, children reunited at Charlotte County prison
More than a dozen children were reunited with their fathers in an unlikely place: prison.
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Convicted killers re-sentenced to life in prison
Two convicted killers of the Cash Feenz gang were re-sentenced on Monday to life in prison for a violent crime that shocked the community of Cape Coral a decade ago.
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Cancer claims 3rd child from Bonita family
Ten-year-old Isabella Mading died on Saturday after her year-long battle with a rare form of brain cancer -- the same disease that killed her older brother in 2010 and her older sister 2013.
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Cases could reopen after Cape cop lies under oath
NBC2 is learning more about the fallout after a Cape Coral police officer lied under oath regarding the details of his investigation.
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Family reacts after missing woman's body found after 25 years
The family of Rita Sue Zul, whose remains were found Monday, visited the site where her car was pulled from the water and met the men responsible for finding her after 25 years.
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Love triangle: Ozzie returns to his nest, but tension is high
One of Southwest Florida's biggest celebrities is back in town. Ozzie the eagle was spotted Saturday near his North Fort Myers nest for the first time since he was released back into the wild. But tension is high at the nest.
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Fort Myers homeowner uses Jiu-Jitsu skills on burglar
Here's a piece of advice for crooks: If you're going to break into someone's house, know whose house you're breaking into.
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New federal requirements for food stamp benefits
The change impacts thousands of people in Lee County. Florida received an exemption in 2009 from federal requirements that required people receiving snap benefits to engage in work-related activities. That exemption ended on January 1.
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Ozzie the eagle dies from injuries
Ozzie the eagle passed away Tuesday night due to complications from recent injuries possibly sustained in a fight with another eagle, the Clinic for Wildlife Rehabilitation announced Wednesday.
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Passerby comes to aid of trooper being attacked in Collier County
For the second time this month, a good Samaritan stopped to help a law enforcement officer being attacked on I-75.
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Documents say Collier deputy banned from court
Documents obtained from the State Attorney's Office indicate a decorated Collier County Sheriff's Office corporal is no longer allowed to testify in court after he admitted to intentionally withholding evidence.
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State clears good Samaritan in deadly I-75 shooting
A good Samaritan who came to the aid of a Lee County deputy in November will not face any charges.
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Fort Myers police officer fired for lying to his supervisor
A Lee County officer of the year has been fired. Bryan Fuller was let go two weeks ago after nearly five years with the Fort Myers Police Department.
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Life insurance companies keeping beneficiaries in the dark
Francis Haskins lost her cancer battle in 2001. His grandma listed Kyle as her life insurance beneficiary, meaning for a decade and a half, he's been owed more than $70,000. The insurance company never notified him.
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Good Question: Why is Venice the 'shark's tooth capital of the world?'
Florida is home to nearly 700 miles of beaches. Some places, like Sanibel and Captiva Islands, are world-renowned for shelling.  One Southwest Florida beach is especially known for predators from the past. Matt in Fort Myers asked the Good Question: "Why is Venice such a hotbed for hunting sharks' teeth?"
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Wrongful arrest has victim warning others
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Cape man 'fends off' code enforcement with constitutional rights
A Cape Coral man is using what he says are his constitutional rights to fend off code enforcement -- but did they back off solely because of his declaration?
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Good Question: Is barefoot driving legal?
This Good Question is about something a lot of guys and gals in Florida do from time to time while driving. "I prefer to drive barefoot because I can feel the pedals better. Is barefoot driving illegal in Florida or any state?" –Larry, Charlotte County
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One-on-one interview with Nightly News anchor Lester Holt
NBC2 anchor Kellie Burns has a one-on-one interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.
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Environmentalists: US Sugar to blame for Lake O 'ecological disaster'
Environmentalists say years of back pumping chemicals from U.S. Sugar into Lake Okeechobee is why we're seeing polluted waters in places like Fort Myers Beach.
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WATCH: State trooper caught forcing drivers off I-75
Cell phone video captured a Florida Highway Patrol trooper tailgating a car on I-75 with no lights or sirens.
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Common antibiotics causing painful side effects
New warnings are out about some familiar medicines causing horrific and unpleasant side effects in some people.
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Good Question: SPF 100 better than SPF 50?
The next time you go down the sunscreen aisle check out the SPF numbers game. Companies are now advertising SPF 100 and above! It led us to ask, "Is there a point where higher SPF does not matter anymore?"
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'Secret sister gift exchange' exposed as pyramid scheme
There's a consumer alert for those thinking about participating in the "secret sister gift exchange" that's circulating on Facebook. 
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Citrus Park homes still flooded
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The truth about alligator attacks in Florida
They're some of the most intimidating animals in Florida waters, but state records show the Florida alligator rarely causes fatal injuries.
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Miracle bat boy hit in face by foul ball
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What is a "Meteotsunami?"
According to the National Weather Service, they have very good reason to believe a "meteotsunami," occurred early Sunday morning in Naples as the powerful, tornado-warned storm that brought widespread damage to the area moved onshore. NBC2 Meteorologist Rob Duns explains what a meteotsunami is and what happened in Naples on Sunday.
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Good Question: Fire trucks & food
We all have to shop for food, but what about firefighters doing it while on the clock? Donald in Cape Coral asked NBC2 the Good Question: "Are firefighters allowed to use fire trucks to go grocery shopping, instead of their personal vehicles?"
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Twin brothers making their mark on Dunbar football
Rocky and Shocky Jacques-Louis are twin brothers who play football at Dunbar High School. NBC2's Angelo Caruso has the story.
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Woman convicted in Cash Feenz murders requests lower sentence
A woman tied to a murderous Cape Coral gang is asking a judge to reduce her sentence. She is currently serving a life sentence for the torture and killing of two teenagers.
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Years-old stolen car discovered in Cape Coral pond
NBC2 was there as a stolen vehicle was removed from a retention pond Wednesday night in Cape Coral.
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Teresa Sievers murder investigation: 911 call
911 call detailing the moments after Dr. Teresa Sievers was discovered dead in her Bonita Springs home.
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Good Question: What causes brain freeze
This week NBC2 is answering Good Questions about the human body. This topic hits on a brief but painful subject. "Why do we get brain freeze after eating or drinking something cold?"
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Racist conversation on Cape school bus prompts driver to pull over
A bus driver in Cape Coral stepped in to stop a heated moment aboard a school bus from Challenger Middle School.
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Cape Coral moves closer to removing Chiquita Lock
A city memo obtained by NBC2 shows all paperwork for tearing it down will be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection in June.
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How to identify hidden cameras in private places
Detectives are investigating after hidden cameras were found in women's bathrooms in the Florida Keys. How can you be sure that the next time you're in a private area that you're not being recorded?
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Search for kidney donor yields surprise match
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