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Roman Online Pharmacy Review Part 1
Decided to make a video of my experience with the new Roman Online Phamacy selling ED drugs. This review is of the mechanics of how the process of using Roman works and has nothing to do with the drugs or other ED related material.
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EPC Chris Duffin ShouldeRok (Shoulder Rok) Review
My review of the Chris Duffin designed Shoulder Rok. After watching this I was going to re shoot but decided to just make a note here. My first power lifting meet was 2 weeks ago, not 2 years. Also Chris Duffin did in fact sign my shirt, but apparently he used chalk to do it. It came off the first time I washed it and I didn't realize that until I saw the video.
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Week  White Board Wednesday - Wendler 5/3/1 Forever - What.
I wanted to create a video detailing the why of my program for the year. The base for this is from Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 Forever book.
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Shoulder Rok Review Part 2: Vindication
Follow up to my original review. Got a hold of a newer Rok and saw they made changes. I doubt it had anything to do with my review but still happy to see they were done.
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Ciaran Irish Dance
Video of Ciaran dancing with The Fitzpatrick School at a local charity event.
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Roman Online Pharmacy Review Part 2
Finally made part 2 of my review of the online only pharmacy Roman. This will cover ordering, taking and my overall experience with both the generic version of Viagra along and ordering the drug online. Link to Part 1: https://youtu.be/sq4g8rpjfw8
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2018 Week 13 Update
Nothing good to report this week. A short update just to keep up with creating my content but that is mostly it.
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2018 Weeks 19 Thru 24 Update
Getting back on track with my videos after missing a few. Fell of the wagon with the videos but just like with my diet you just move forward and get going.
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2018 Week 13 White Board Wednesday - 5/3/1 Why
This is part 2 of the viedo I started talking about Jim Wendler's 5/3/1. In this video I go into why I am using the program.
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2018 Week 14 Update
Lousy week outside of my lifting so not happy with plenty to work on moving forward.
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2018 Week 16 Update
Final week of my first full cycle ending with my training max test week.
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Week 11 - 2018
My 5/3/1 de-load week update before going into my Anchor.
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2018 Week 15 Update
Huge improvment over week 14 and looking to keep the momentum going.
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2018 Weeks 30 Thru 35 Update
Another Multi Week catch up video as the summer comes to an end.
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Week 6 - 2018
Nothing much to report this week. Was traveling for work but tried to get some things done.
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Week 3 - 2018
Update on week 3. All I can say is that I made it thru.
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2018 Week 17 Update
First week of my second cycle.
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2018 Update Week 39
Week 39 update on what I have been doing. Posting some time ago but it was set to private. Learning as much about posting videos as I am about working out.
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2019 Update Week 2
Update on week 2. Went with dead lifts again but looking at how I hold my hips as I deal with the anterior pelvic tilt. Another good week overall and looking to keep the momentum going.
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2018 Year In Review
Brief, at least for me, video of how 2018 went and what I am thinking about for next year.
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Week 12 - 2018
My first anchor week with the 5/3/1 as written.
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Barlow Kids Skating
All skate, everybody skate. Well, ice skate at least. Short video of Chayla and Ciaran at the Grundy Recreation Center during the fund raiser for the Bristol Borough Bark Park
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Week 5 - 2018
Week 5 was a full one and productive. Most of it was good but one big bad glarring issue that I need to deal with.
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Week 4 - 2018
Finished week 4 after being sick thru the weekend and start of thw eek.
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2018 Week 18 Update
Moving fully into my second full cycle and some insight into my newly found motivation to work on my diet.
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Week 7 - 2018
Week 7 had some ups and downs but overall not a bad week. Hopefully I can kick the cold/alergies I have been fighting and get back on track.
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Meaningless Social Commentary - The Genius of Arie Luyendyk Jr.
With the recent episode of the Bachelor being front and center of my morning news feed this past week I thought I would blog my conspiracy idea of what really happened.
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Week 10 - 2018
Final week of my leader programs and going into the deload now.
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Week 8 - 2018
Week 7 started on a down but ended on an up note so I'm happy about that. Have a few weeks ahead without any interuptions so hope to get some momentum moving forward.
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Car Ride Thoughts
Ciaran doing one of his many random video blogs while playing with my phone.
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Week 9 - 2018
Great week and hope these continue. Hit my numbers for 3 workouts and also got in 3 easy conditioning sessions with my weight vest.
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Week 2 - 2018
My second video for the year as I try to make some changes to my life. Getting better, both in the gym and editing of videos, so it looks like I am heading the right direction.
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Week 1 - 2018
My fiirst video for the year as I try to make some changes to my life.
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2019 Update Week 1
Update from my first week of 2019. Comparison of my deadlift from this week to what I did last year and some commentary on dealing with an antierior pelvic tilt and my concept for my diet to start the year.
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2018 Week 19 Update
Heading into the last week of my first cycle for this new macro and feeling good overall.
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2018 Update Week 37
Back to single week updates. This marks the first week of my next macro cycle with sets of five.
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2018 Update Week 36
Back to single week updates. This marks the last week of my first leader of the current macro cycle.
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2018 Update Week 38
Week of 3 sets of 3.
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